More ships with subsystem fittings

More different sized ships with subsystems fitting capability.

Perhaps this would make it possible to have less ships, but more fitting diversity and role capability via subsystems? It would also make it more “challenging” to see what you’re up against as a role without a ship scan. Simply watching grid/dscan won’t be enough to see capability on the grid. Simply put, the ship itself won’t make it obvious what role it is performing, the subsystem fitting would.

Combat probes could be enhanced to allow ship scans too, to counter the extra “challenge” in the diversity of subsystems out there determining the role bonuses.

It seems subsystems and T3 have been abandoned, even the nullifier subsystem has been pretty much replaced with a high slot module rendering its usefullness questionable.

Subsystems are a gimmick unique to the T3 Strategic Cruisers, which allows pilots to strategically modify their ship to a much further extent than other ships for a certain scenario.

Similarly, the T3D Tactical Destroyers have unique gimmick that allows them to tactically change fighting modes on the fly.

Unless we get more T3 strategic or tactical versions in other ship sizes such as T3 strategic frigates or T3 tactical barges or something like that I think it is unlikely we will see these mechanics re-used (and to be honest I would rather see another such unique ship line added to the game).

Also before adding more T3 strategic ships to the game I think it would be better if CCP properly balanced the ones we currently have.

Or replace them with subsystems and phase out the old ship role bonus model and move to subsystem role bonus model.

That was the point of my idea post. To shift focus to subsystem role bonuses as a model.

Well no I don’t agree.

Subsystems are unique in the way that they allow a small set of ships very much flexibility in fitting. That flexibility is their unique strength.

Not every ship needs to have that amount of fitting flexibility.

Subsystems have been a balancing nightmare.

Also imagine what this looks like on the overview. A fleet of all the same ships. Some are logi, some are ewar, some are tackle, some are dps…but you can’t tell which because they are all ‘generic amarr cruiser’ with different subsystem loadouts.

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Ship scanner module also combat probes updated to show (can be limited results - to subsystems only and not modules etc - for combat probes) subsystems fitted.

Why bother with the ship scanner module if they are not used (or rarely used).

I explained this in my op for remote ship intel.

You can also tell what they are in the combat log by what they use.

Do your intel before you jump into a fight (hence combat probes updated). Look before you leap.

Remote intel, combat probes to show ships and subsystems (feature enhancement), to see modules, use a ship scanner on grid (no change there).

Why should we have a sign painted on us detailing what capability we have, do the effort to find out.

They are used though. But they have limitations that make them impractical in some fights.

Fleet fights involving thousands of players, what are you going to do? Scan and write down the subsystems of each ship so you know whos who when it comes to clearing logi or tackle?

And combat probes don’t tell you the name of who you scanned. They don’t interact with the overview when it comes to actually targeting someone.

We don’t. The ships we use may hint at what we are flying but ask anyone who pvp’s and there is still plenty of guess work that goes into what people are flying.

Watch the alliance tournament; you’ll probably hear the commentators speculating about fits the whole time.

Combat probes can be updated to make it more playable and usable for remote intel scanning as I said in my OP. They could tag on a scan sig ID to the ship on the overview perhaps and that can be shared with the fleet for target info or whomever is scanning can do what they do now, send target this ship info.

Watch the alliance tournament; you’ll probably hear the commentators speculating about fits the whole time.

Sure but that speculation is limited to just modules and even then that’s rather limited, they can already know the role bonuses and purpose based on the ship itself.

‘Limited to modules’ can completely change how each ship works.

How it tanks, how it moves, what range it engages at, how much damage it does, how resistant it is to e-war…

You really don’t need subsystems to keep people guessing.


Subsystems made T3C essentially impossible to balance, more ships should also have subsystems because reasons.

Also didn’t somebody just make this thread?

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