Caracal Navy Issue production

Hi everyone,

I’m really struggeling at understanding the production system …

for example: a caracal navy issue bpc needs 4 R-O Trigger Neurolink Conduits which are priced at 17 mio per unit, combined 68 mio isk.

The Jita price for the CNI is less than 60mio isk.

How is that possible?

No one build faction ships. They just exchange for ready hull in LP store. All faction BPC’s are broken due to that.

People are hoping for FW rework to change stuff. But it’s been already two years since it’s like that. I wouldn’t make any hopes in CCP.


Thanks …

Good thing is that I’m not completly stupid …

Bad thing: weak performance for a pay 2 play game CCP …

Yip CCP messed up industry with those new modules they need to reduce the req amount of stuff to balance it but they seem to have paused all that for now maybe in a year it will be fixed.

Just take a caracal and trade it in using a nexus chip it works out better.

The price is reflective of the fact that the ship is terrible and almost nobody is actually using it for anything.

It has a small niche just not many realise it yet. I would rather keep it to my self thou and abuse the cheap ships :].

It makes sense in a strange kind of way. In the real world you wouldn’t expect to be able to buy a specialist car blue print and make it in your own garage cheaper than the factory. You certainly wouldn’t do it to turn a profit. You would build that car as a labour of love.

It didn’t used to be the way but now the blueprints are a redundant hang over from an earlier time in the game. It’s unlikely they will remove them because there are still people that want to build their own kit ship. If you want one yourself though better to buy them off the faction warfare runners.

The issue is that blueprints came from same people. They are simply broken as any faction or pirate hull. No need to try and find convoluted RL analogy just to deny CCP incompetency.

I’m not denying CCP incompetency I’m just saying it is what it is and probably makes more sense now than it did. There is a simple path to getting the ships if you want to fly them. If you bought the bpcs with your lp instead of the ships without researching the production costs then that isn’t just CCP making a mistake.

People have collections of hundreds if not thousands of BPC from before industry changes. They are now worthless for no apparent reason. And again. This isn’t just part of FW buble. Lumping it into only FW issue is good way to shrug off topic. Especially with promised changes changes. But since it affected way more than just FW it probably was just yet another foresight on CCP part that blew into their face. Cough, cough belt rats in null…

I live in null and like the belt rats. It’s a divisive issue in my corp, some people love them and some hate them. It would be dismissive to say CCP just flat out made a bad decision there.

I stand by the basic tenet of what I said. If someone is sitting on a huge amount of product or materials of any kind they could come unstuck and not be able to shift it. If you want to be a Caldari navy hook bill magnate selling them cheaper than everyone else and you’ve stored up vast quantity of bpc then you would have done so accepting the risk that the bottom might drop out of that market for no other reason than the meta or a major alliance’s doctrine changing. It just happened to be CCP that devalued that part of their production chain.

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