Caldari Navy Invuln vs three other choices that seem to make more sense

Ok, so in my little nullsec pocket a guy dropped a ESS and I was like, hmm what I can do with Navy LP. I remember that invulns had been the way to go. So, I logged in my Jita alt and started doing a little research. Geez, those things are expensive, and the tags to produce one are expensive.

The dread gurista is equivalent as is one of the weaker deadspace one, BOTH ARE SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. Even worse the other A deadspace invuln is clearly better AND cheaper.

I can get the more famous of the faction modules getting a bit a bump in price out of laziness, but the JITA difference is large in percentage and isk difference is more than a lot of ship fittings are in total.

So, I ask wtf is going on? Can people really be that stupid to buy 425+ million CN invulns instead 230-350 million dread gurista and pith/gith ones?


It’s a lot easier to find DG Invulns because you get them randomly from killing faction rats and DED sites in Guristas space. There’s just a lot more supply of them.

Plus, the CN Invulns require those tags, which you’ve already noticed were very expensive (which also have their own supply issues).

That is not how supply and demand work with substitutes.

If economics were applying correctly, the price of the substitutes would increase or the CN would fall to some smaller premium (I get the fact it is on so many fits gives it a name brand advantage).

The resulting drop in CN Navy invuln price would cause production to drop and therefore cut demand for tags,

I simply can not figure WHY so many people are being this level of stupid, I hate to say stupid, but there is no other word for paying that much more for a name. Especially, a name no on can see without a ship scanner,

Uh… fam, you realize this is a video game, right?

Again, you realize this is a VIDEO GAME, right?

Again, this is because of supply. Not your high school theory of economics “supply”, but like, the mere fact that there are just more of them available and found frequently.

I.e. there are more DG Invulns being found from Faction rats and DED sites in Guristas space, than there are CN Invulns being produced through the LP store. There are MORE DG invulns being found and listed on the market, pushing the price down.


Sorry you do not understand economics, so stop using supply as a reason for the price difference, Except for the name they are basically the same thing (CN is slightly easier to fit than a DG but is slightly more power hungry over time)

Ok, I guess people are simply stupid and blindly take a fit on the internet never saying, hey is there an equivalent module for much lower in this same station, People shot each other over Air Jordans as well so I guess there is a precedent.

You are talking in isolation here. the tags are also used for other products which means there are drivers on the price of tags other than invulns. Which might mean that yes, CN invulns are not economical and people don’t use them unless they have no choice due to a market shortage of alternatives.

facts :

  • the gistum c-type invul is plainly better than the CN one. literally 20% less cap usage.
  • the price at SO is twice for the CN
  • if you look at history, basically people buy CN half as much as the GCT, while theoretically there should be 0 CN sold since it’s worse than GCT and more expensive.

Explanation : none. All I can do is, state that there has been this kind of thing for years. Some people buy CN even though it’s worse than GCT and more expensive. Maybe I’ve been missing things for years now.

Again this is NOT what is happening this is JITA and all three are available in quantity (plus the clearly superior one at a lower price). If you are in some backwater fine, use what you got.

No, on the tags if the CN invuln market made ANY sense no one would ever produce them until the point this drop in tag demand equalized the price. Yet, regularly 8+ sell a day.

Okay you came to same conclusion as me, people are stupid. Like I said. 20% delta in price like it was 4 years ago sort of makes sense as it is the name brand, a few units a week slipping through at this price since people are not paying attention.

But, a moderate volume in the largest market in EVE seems a game known as spreadsheets in space is just weird.

There is a difference between a behavior you don’t understand and people being stupid.
Maybe they just don’t give a ■■■■ about paying more for worse module. Maybe they just don’t know that GCT is just better and cheaper.
Maybe they are required to use CN by FC, and this FC actually produces the CN invul.

My only conclusion is : I don’t know. I’ve noticed this years ago, there was a few cases where prices were almost the same, but GCT is almost always lower than CN, and yes it seems absurd.

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Oh my god. The only reason you’re not getting it through your head is because you think you’re smarter than you actually are. I guess it’s my fault when I said the word “supply” since you misinterpreted that to mean something in your high school level knowledge of economics.

DG Invluns are more easily farmed in EVE Online than CN Invulns. I don’t understand why you seem to have such a problem understanding that.


The Tech 2 Passive Targeter - it provides absolutely no advantage over the Tech 1 version, except it costs a lot more and has higher fitting requirements. People buy lots of them.

This is a complicated game and not everybody has mastered it. Some people have never heard of dscan. Other people have never joined a fleet. Apparently there are a few people that have not figured out the minutiae of faction modules.

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it consumes 0.7GJ/s instead of 1 for T1.

Look I have a minor in economics and a degree in business. My understanding of economics is NOT based on some HS survey of it. So, for love of all things holy stop trying to sound smart, by using that line,

The substitute concept even though outside your supposed HS econ coursework, it is not really a difficult concept. If two things are interchangeable in function over time they should move toward each other in price,

No matter how many times you repeat it the supply of each item independent of each other SHOULD NEVER impact their price, in theory. Small variations from theoretical correct occur all the time, this is NOT a small difference, however.

But you don’t cycle it - you just activate it once. The T1 activation is 5 GJ vs 7 GJ for the T2.

Alright, I’m done trying to explain basic item farming to this kid.
Continue to be bewildered by this easily explained phenomenon.


Again we are talking a cheap module where someone could be forgiven for presuming a T2 module is better than a t1 on such a small thing where they are not theory crafting perfect,

This is a 475 million isk module,

Don’t take it personally, people who are trained in economics usually have trouble understanding anything real.
“Let’s assume all markets are ideal.”
“Let’s assume everybody is rational.”
“Let’s assume that everybody has perfect information.”


he is not taking it personally. He is being the usual arsehole retard.

Highest supply of the GCT does not explain why people ACTUALLY purchase CN, and as such his EFFECTIVE price is higher.

He keeps saying “supply explains it” while it just does NOT.

He is just wrong and when explained it, he goes on insulting people because his parents were broke and could only afford half a brain, which is not enough to understand REAL sentences and REAL logic.
He is not taking it personally. He is GOING all personal. Just a complete moron.


Kid, really? Nice comeback, odds are I am older than you.

I guess you are proving their is a valid reason for the price difference , people are stupid.

You are missing completely on what you are trying to prove though.

If you can come up with a valid reason beyond people simply are selling plex bought for cash, following a internet fitting without understanding and getting ripped off, I would like to hear it, Your “insert module” is farmed more is NOT valid.