Medium Armor Rep Price Issues

I have noticed that the price of medium armor reps in the deadspace and faction categories have gone up insanely in price, while small and large have kept a lower price. The abyssal mutaplasmids are the same way, with medium reps being much higher than the rest. Is there some sort of drop rate issue? Is this an issue that can or would be fixed? And why is it so much higher than the others?


It’s the new Abyssal content consuming Deadspace gear both in terms of losses in filaments and mutaplasmid rolls. I don’t expect to see prices change anytime soon.

RIP Deadspace module prices.

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honestly i thought this was kind of obvious just like sacrilege prices were.

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The Sacrilege is overrated. But I guess if you want to run those sweet F4-F5 filaments in the blue donut - the hull cost is moot compared to the pimped out fit.

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Ah ok, doesn’t make much sense because the other sizes haven’t gone up in price…

The medium sized Deadspace armor, shield, propulsion (etc.) that are sought-after for Abyssal fits are where you’re seeing the most demand. Some of the other Deadspace modules have gone up in price (ie: large shield boosters). It just really depends.

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Supply and demand. Med reps are needed for abyssal space. People die in abyssal space. Mods are lost and mutated.

You should have bought out the market before the expansion. You would be sitting on billions.

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At some point prices will decline and stabilize somewhat. Especially since it’s very lucrative to farm for Deadspace loot now.

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oh i see that makes more sense thanks

alr thanks

News at 6: CCP adds content that is gated to cruiser size ships. Cruiser size modules suddenly spike in price.


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