Federation Navy LP Store is more expensive than the market?

So I have about 200k LP’s for Fed Navy and I thought I’d take a look and try to make some ISK off of flipping faction items on the market but everything I look at is actually more expensive from the LP store? Example… Vexor Navy issue blueprint copy, just to keep it simple. From the LP store, it’s 100,000 LP AND 20 Million ISK!!! On the open market, I can buy a VNI BP copy for 19 million in Dodixie!?! And I thought, well maybe other things are a better deal. Pretty much every item from ammo to implants that I looked at was cheaper on the open market without even the LP cost???

Is no one from CCP paying attention? Do they just not address the vast inequity of LP stores prices?? I’m confused. I very well may be doing something wrong, and please tell me if so!!

I’m learning that there are spreadsheets that try to show which items maximize ISK and LP investment and I’d be curious to see one right now. The one I’ve found so far is out of date.

Use the Fuzzwork LP Store - LP Store - Return on ISK

This will let you know the items that have the best lp/isk ratio. There are plenty of items you can make a profit on, how much of a profit is down to if you want to sell them yourself or sell them to buy orders.

Yeah, I checked that list. The sell prices aren’t accurate in so much as, the first price I checked against the market in Jita. That list said sell price is 2 million. In Jita, the sell price is 500k. If it’s accurate, I can’t see how…

What does CCP have to do with this? It’s the players that set the prices on the items they sell. If people are dumb enough to sell for under what it costs to buy…that isn’t CCPs problem.

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Hmmm. What does CCP have to do with it? Hmmmm, oh I know!! Maybe they set the prices and LP costs associated with buying items from LP stores? Who else could change it? No adjustment ever necessary? Was that not obvious??

You do realise its someone that brought a heap of bpc, only to realise the market wasn’t as good as they though to, so recover some costs they sell just below lp store to get rid of unwanted bpc.

This is a common practice for those that accidentally purchase bpos and bpcs.

Ive personally done this a few times.

Nothing to do with ccp.

So let me get this straight. The “player run” economy has changed. Fluctuated wildly from when the market and the LP stores lined up as far as prices and value. Now things are different, but it’s the position of the two previous replies that the game creator is under no responsibility to re-address the prices and LP costs for faction items in LP stores?

“This has nothing to do with CCP, this has nothing to do with CCP” then who controls setting the prices in the LP stores? The Keebler Elves?

As said the LP items have a set cost, this may include items, isk and or LP.

These prices are a set base.

What you find in market hubs are player prices.

So if a player wants to sell below the default cost its their choice. Normally the only time you see it below cost is someone getting rid of unwanted items for a quick isk injection.

If you look on the market and contracts you will find unused BPO selling below NPC cost to buy for the aame reason.

Ccp set these prices to ensure these special items have a value above T1 versions. In some cases they require t1 items to purchase as part of purchasing.

Short of farming bpc frkm sites faction items will be higher than T1, and deadspace and officer items should be the same as they use other meta of the same item to make. Hence officer items are in the billions. If someone doesn’t add the cost of whats used to make the item then they are loosing isk.

Factional Warfare corps have lower LP price for some items (mainly the ships), compared to regular corps of that faction. As you were looking at Federation Navy, take a look for the ships at the LP Store for Federal Defense Union. The Federation Navy Comet for example, is 10k LP instead of 80k. Night and day.

Some navy/fleet ships and some modules are also exclusive to the Factional warfare corps (like faction drones, Caldari Navy and Republic Fleet shield extenders, Typhoon Fleet Issue, etc.)

I’m guessing this is a way from CCP to encourage people to engage in factional warfare.

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I appreciate the explanations. Thank you

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