Loyalty points and ISK

I started grinding faction war with the sole purpose of getting a Drake Navy Issue(my most loved ship). Now I already have 94000 LP which is extremely close for getting my dream battlecruiser. However, I realised a problem: I don’t even have enough money to fit the ship! my fit costs 280M!

So thinking on the long run, I am going to convert my LP into ISK. The question is: what items should I trade in my LP for that is easy to transport to Jita, and sell for relatively equal price to the LP I bought it for? thx,

It’s usually datacores, small and easy to transport.

However, Google “Eve fuzzwork LP” and you’ll find the LP to ISK site. Just enter your LP corp and sort by most ISK/LP Be warned, though, some of the high ISK/LP items do not have much of a market.

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so does this mean I can buy 3 of these implants and sell them in Jita for like 470M each? this is insane!!! I can make so much ISK!!! thx a lot!!!

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You are about to learn a hard lesson in “read the screen carefully”.

Yes thx for reminding me, I misread the name. Apparently, I can’t tell the difference of 1 and 6 lol. Well is there any other items that has high isk/lp ratio? preferably not a ship.

Look at the Forge Buy prices for liquid items. You want an item with a lot of Jita buy orders to sell to. Otherwise you’re posting sell orders, which could take a while (an option, though).

I see Datacore - Quantum Physics as one of the highest, smaller m3 items with good Buy volume to sell into in Jita.

Be advised Caldari FW LP is a little out of favor now. The value of LP will change as the FW tier changes.

Welcome to market PvP.

You can attempt to sell the items at whatever price you wish. It just might take months before the market movement determines the price you’re offering is a competitive price. You’re going to have to do research on the items + station pairs yourself, because unfortunately people who have found certain LP store items for certain markets are profitable and will not want competition.

In general, LP markets are very competitive, and in Jita you won’t have much influence over it.

For me to dump a ton of LP: Early last year I aggressively farmed Republic Fleet LP and strategically tanked the local market for certain “high”-volume items to drive out competition, and then jacked up prices afterwards to scoop up the profits before people could grind LP to convert it back to these items. It took several weeks to come out above 1,000 ISK/LP on average in bulk. There was no real “I want ISK today at 1,000 ISK/LP” button unless I got lucky.

okay got it, thx.

But caldari is winning the faction war though? so which faction is in favour now? and how do I tell?

“Winning the war” and having the most valuable FW LP aren’t necessarily the same thing. It has to do with your FW Tier and the LP farmers. They tend to run from one side of the boat to the other, raising LP values and then crashing them.



Welcome to EVE :smiley:

Firstly you use the high sec LP station closest to Jita which will not be far for most LP stores except pirate & a few others, so you don’t haul anything far.

There are LP conversion charts just Google 'em, level 3 and 4 learning implants are usually ok’sh

okay I think I will just trade them in for some implants

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