Best Loyalty Shop rewards?

Just wonder to know what is the best option to farm lp for, and maybe the most awesome looking stuff that is possible to get for lp.

Also is there any strategy around how to farm more lp and where is possible to do so?

Also, as Caldari Alpha, id like to know is it possible to work for Guristas, just like them(and their ships as well), despite they are Caldari enemies.

I can’t really help with the “what corp is best to go with” but may be of some interest, for the best ratios of LP to ISK (if you earn LP, spend it in the store, then sell what you get)

Bear in mind that anything above around 2,000 isk per LP is probably manipulated. Check to make sure it’s actually a viable market.


Yes, you can do missions for Guristas. You just have to look in The Agency window to find their agents.

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Just thought that if i anyway planned to use their ships, i can actually get them much cheaper from lp than on average market price for myself when i will be proficient and skilled enough. Well, it will take some time, but still ok i think))

Thanks for tip, i will try that one))

Just rememeber to check the buy price, not sell price. For example if you check Freedom Extension, you will see that Republic Fleet 10MN Afterburner Blueprint will give you over 2500 ISK/LP with current price. For real , without need to wait ages to sell your overpriced stuff. Unlike Republic Fleet 50MN Microwarpdrive Blueprint, which seem to offer almost 10 000 ISK/LP with sell price but you will never get those money cause it is someone’s wish to sell those MWD so high, wish, that will never fullfiled. Always check buy price, not sell one’s.

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I also like to know which lp shop has a “free” vanity items. I know that war academy has one, but idk how good/bad it will look on my character.

Also, is there any lp skins for ships or its purely a market feature?

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