Jita market stocks depleted and crazy inflation?

I’ve been looking at buying stuff in Jita.
Prize seems like crazy up!!
Raven prize almost 400Mil. when Navy issue is just 200MIl more…
Getting the Navy through LP’s you need a Raven…
Same for Tempest Fleet…
Republic Fleet Large armor repairer out of stock.
Many lev 5 implants out of stock.
Marauders prices at 2Bil…

I had some Republic Fleet LP’s and Just to get the Large Repper is like 180 Mil after
dealing with Navy Insigna Colonel II at 2.2 Mil!!
When Large Domination is like 20 Mil…

Firetail with LP’s is like 200Mil after dealing with insigna’s and Jita price is 20Mil…
What is going on with Insigna’s prices??
I’m doing several lev 4 missions and Insigna’s drops are almost zero…
Mainly because doing missions against the main factions impacts negatively
with standings people tends to avoid doing those missions.

How could CCP fix this?
I’ve seen there has been a huge playerbase bump in last two months…
So, is people overstocking or is just an effect of the ongoing wars in Pochven etc…??

How long is this going to last???

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ccp shouldn’t fix it… they need to stay away from a player controlled market.


Big industry change to battleships, above and all faction ships. Things are much more complex to build now. But old stock still exist, which was built at old prices.

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Lots of opportunity to make big profits … if only you could build stuff properly. Everything going according to CCP Rattati’s plan. :innocent:

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i spent all my money on the ships that were just a lil overpriced to avoid flying around in a corvette

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CCP isn’t going to “fix” this because the market is determined by the players.


the prices on battleships are up because CCP added a number of new requirements to the blueprints for reactions and PI materials. Each of them requires a transaction tax along the way. some of them require more than one transaction for a single part that eventually is used to make a ship., the non value added tax is the main thing pushing the prices up along with the sales tax and fees when you buy components not available in your space. hence… inflation. the thing they say they are fighting while creating isk sinks that raise prices.

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trust us, we have a rantanplan


trust us… o beka…

Except when CCP decide to hike prices by doing an industry update, right ?


The market is still player driven. CCP just made the stuff require more raw materials. Demand for those raw materials will drive prices, and later supply will increase as more people are willing to do the stuff to make those materials, driving the prices down.


This is the ideal scenario, we can see right now ingame that is not what is happening. It’s naive to think that battleships will come down to the price they were before.

Of course the market is player driven, but the price equilibrium is not the same as before


Then buy a large domination instead.

Question asked.

Question answered.

Players like you can fix this.

Buy 100,000 dollars worth of plex.

Convert to ISK.

Buy the market out.

List prices back on market at a loss.

Problem solved.


Eve is a prison simulator. CCP wants to see if it is more entertaining when there is less stuff to go around.


CCP didn’t “hike up the prices” the players did.

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I got a bunch of stuff tucked away in Jita, just waiting to be sold when the time is right. It isn’t right for now.
I need to set up a small chain to market soon. With the new jumpgates between the two major markets, there’s tons of isk to be made. I’ll be hours figuring out what I need to sell or keep, how fun.


As of the change I will not sell anymore of my stock of battleships mainly because of the ridiculous prices, so yeah quite a few of them are gathering dust but I like having a safety cushion.

Honestly though most of the price gouging to me is just others greed, as an indy I have noticed that when I set up several sell orders at Jita prices in my area there are a few “pings” of people buying 1 ammo to see who the seller is no doubt upset that I am not doubling my prices just because it’s a different region.


Like I can’t take 20mins to go to Jita if I want to. "Jita price " saves me the trip. What did I buy ships in the first place for?

Probably players like him…
I just bought ONE skill extractor in plexes from new Eden and I just lost isks because
they are on the market as well at a lower price than plexes…
CCCP isn’t exactly the Lehmann brothers but… ok… :slight_smile:

They already did. Price changes listed above is in fact their fix.

This new design plan is specifically aimed to fix the longest lasting problem of too many players playing EVE Online. However in my opinion many more drastic measures may be required in the future if the reduction of players isn’t achieved and people keep insisting on playing EVE online.