Industry opportunity based on price anomaly

Just want to make you aware that there is a price anomaly in Jita with my favorite ship the Hecate which actually lasts already for a while. Means, it can be produced much cheaper than what it is sold for (75-85). Proof, I just submitted a batch for 54M each total cost this morning.

But I’m lazy, so I won’t start mass producing them to fill the gap, I just build enough for my own expense. Second but, ideally I would not need to produce at all and instead just buy in Jita for a small markup. :wink:

Also since I read a couple posts about how bad industry has become, that there are no profits, blah blah, you may want to look into, also other ships’ prices are off in Jita like the Eris.


Woah you need to actually be a savvy trader AND builder to succeed in industry?! :exploding_head:

What a concept.


Bumperino, price anomaly intensifies, production cost down to ~52M (Jita sell, 2-step).

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Is it actually bugged or just the relation of salvage/hybrid mat supply to Hecate demand?

Saw it today for the Retribution and Deacon too. I’d say some heavy supplier must have dropped out or big amounts got grabbed

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