Guardian gala loot table, newbie

Guardians Gala null vs Highsec

Simple question what is the biggest loot table difference outside of the implants? I am a returning player of 4 years this past week, and have been running the highsec sites. I have gotten 18th tier, skins (3), lots of pills, and plenty of exotic dances. I think from 4 sites which took me about 20 minutes I earned 300mil. The hardest part was actually finding them.

I am asking because if the risk/isk is worth it, I would go into wormhole space, but not being in a corp and returning I am a little trepid bringing a blinged out tengu.


Id probably use dotlan to find out if a system is populated and use that to chart my way through null, instead of going through to a wormhole. But im sure Null has better rates.

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thanks this is a great resource completely forgot about it

Also dont forget you can fit interdiction nullified subsystem on a tengu, which means you will be immune to bubbles. you can always swap out subsystems and modules using a mobile depot, and change to a better setup once you arrive in a system you want to farm in.

I think the biggest difference is between k space and j space. Supposedly, the implant bpc’s only drop in wormholes.

Since you will be pointed and webbed by rats most of the time it is rather dangerous to try some of them in null. Unless you have a standing fleet ready to save you. And you will have to fly to high sec to sell that supervisors tags… I saw 5 gala sites in one low sec system yesterday. And about the same in one null system.

I’m afraid these sites are not really newbro proof. Probably in larger fleets. Try to fight with T1/Meta Praxis, but after my 25 drones were eaten, I just was able to shoot the bigger ships and was pinned down with a running armor repairer until event runners in Rattlesnakes found me, shot the BOSS within seconds and got most of the important stuff. At least I was free then :wink:
Also I lost a Talos there which was supposed to help. This event is not to become my favorite :stuck_out_tongue:

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