Guardians gala .. wth?

supposedly auposed to be in the agency for details… WHERE !!!

Need to really put as much info in the game about the events as you do out of game.

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I scanned one. Just scan anomalies. Make sure you have enough tank and firepower to take them on. It is worth it, they drop dank loot and fun items!

Got involved in one because someone in local called for help. Lost my gila after fighting through multiple waves. all I got that was worth anything was a skin for an Eris. the rest was worthless junk. I lost my gila for crap.

Wouldn’t you be embarrassed by something like that?


When did you lose your Gila? was it expensive? and was it on Ragori?

Not to expensive since I operate all over the place usually solo so I expect to lose it. and yeah it was on Ragori not sure why it ain’t showing up on zkill. mainly just lost T2 fittings. made it through several waves before I lost it. as for when well I posted here the same day I lost it so 5 days ago as of this posting.

lol yeah it was embarrassing. but I have become used to losing ships in embarrassing ways at times. It is eve online after all and oddball things do happen.

Though my most embarrassing loss was this one heh been offline for a while and when I got back on to play I goofed and lost a loki.

No biggie , it’s just a game . lost my harbinger when i was beer tanked and was insta scrammed and webbed. I lose alot of ships when i beer tank.


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