I'm bored, we need more events. When is the next event?

Can we get a Guristas/Easter event soon? It’s just about the only thing I enjoy about EVE anymore. Maybe we need a regular schedule of holiday events, like WoW.


No one needs to do anything like WoW.

If you’re bored, go pick a fight with someone.


CCP is trying to add more PvE content for people to enjoy; such as the FoB and the pirate Sotiyos. Events that just throw you skins lose all meaning if they are always happening, you’d get just as sick of them in no time at all. As it stands we already see people complaining that it was getting to be the same copy/paste event each time. Then the GG event started that added a bit of a challenge. So they are most definitely trying to give everyone something they can enjoy.

On a serious note though, if it’s the only thing you enjoy in eve then why are you here? Seriously, there are thousands of games out there why would you chose to stay with one you don’t enjoy?


What is it about the holiday events that you find enjoyable?

I’m going to guess for the OP it is





All holidays are already covered by events (christmas, easter, carnival, halloween). :thinking:

We just had the biggest open-for-all, free-for-all event in EVE, all player organized at that. 3 days of non-stop fun and wins (as well as fails by the usual suspects). So much win that throughout the event people actually got tired of winning and had to take breaks for food and sleep.


But the baby is happy.

Yes…player-driven > spoonfed events. Did you intend to respond to me?

When you go, contract your stuff to me.

/me looks sideways at character name

Burn Jita has a regular annual schedule. Perhaps you like it to be more frequent?

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean. May I ask you to explain to me?

I mean to say it was a mistake, as you already indicated I intended to reply to the orginal post and not your post.

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yes, and its hardly been annual, it was for a while and fell off, it it has been every year it sure has been empty, even right now most of the damage is being done by 1 guy with no life, that or he took a vacation to make 80+ alts just to kill freighters allday.

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Show us on the ship model where the content touched you.

If there will be some big, open and community oriented events every holidays - EVE only be better. But it should be not only content for those who like to shoot ships but mining and scanning as well.
I support OP with his idea of holiday events.


the events have been happening around every month now since they kill the community dev team. “want some free stuff? go grind for it.” so take your Ritalin and come down.

Stop being a big baby and use your imagination.

Or go outside.