In Game Hunt event?

Hello all.

Do anyone know if we getting a easter event this year?

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As for your question, I doubt it since CCP currently has the game focused on Faction War / Shipcaster stuff…

This makes me sad. i was looking forward to this event. One of my fav event since 2016 i think. And one of the few non Marauder wins all events.

But i wouldnt be suprised if they just make everything around FW as you say.

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Yeah, I agree… The egg hunt was pretty cool…

Hopefully CCP will have it and all the other regular events going again next year.

Yeah. I mean i get it that they want to go down the FW line. but there are lots of players enjoying pve aswell. And if they start removeing the pve events its just pissing on us. I been around this game since 2005. but if this is the way they going to make things, i will find myself another place to be. because i dont enjoy pvp so much, and if they now remove all the fun for pve player aswell. Then its goodbye from me

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It’s just a temp thing, like when they first implemented the Trig stuff.

I’m fairly sure all the regular events will be back again…

I am just wondering why there is no Easter event this year.
First there was no guardian’s gala and now no egg hunt.
Me and my friends add Omega time just to run the events as they are fun and the login rewards are also ok but there has been no events at all since last year.
Do other people miss these events and why has CCP dropped them?

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Sure you do.


This topic was already discussed in the ‘In Game Events’ sub-forum… You’ll probably find an answer there…

Merged another Topic in here.

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Probably just as dead as Abyssal Arenas.

Yes I do.
I’m not sure what you are trying to imply with your post.
I don’t play eve all the time so I cant justify running Omega all year sorry if that offends you.

i wait for this event too ;-(

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I think they only focus fw now to teh point it can soon be called “FW online” they have taken away more events for FW now. So i kind of feel its to force us Pve players over to FW if we want events. maybe we get lucky and they stop piss on us pve players next year

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Seems CCP will be doing the Capsuleer Day event… so at least not all of the regular events have been suspended.

There’s still plenty of PVE available in the Shipcaster Event - the only ‘faction’ bit is choosing which empire to collect for…

All it means is that you can’t hop into a Vargur or 'Snake and hoover up all the sites.

I’ve enjoyed the event so far - everyone going suspect on entry adds that little bit of extra fun


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Still forcing players into lowsec.

They simply never learn.

This is like if WoW forced players into RP/PVP only servers. They’d lose well over half their subscribers if they even announced they were considering it.

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