Where is the spring event "The Hunt"

Is it only me or CCP is getting really bad … no events at all for the long week-end and they dare to put the Ace of Pod skins on sale ???

What ? Seriously ?

Kidding or what stop travelling the world and make some content … cheese


Yeah, it’s been long time with no events… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Trying to put a positive spin on this here…

I was expecting one as well and there were some indications that one was going to be coming. However, the last event was a bit of a debacle on a number of levels. A member of the events team posted that they were going to do a fairly substantial post mortem after that to see how things could be improved in future events.

I’m hoping that the lack of a Spring event is a sign that things are being shaken up and reassessed for future events and that they weren’t quite ready to go in time for this one.

I have nothing to support that other than optimism, but that’s what I’m going with for now :slight_smile:


Well CCP can at least say don’t worry guys it’s coming out something …

Why do I play already ?

To look at goons having fun controlling universe ?

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There are a couple of other things that you can do while you wait for the next event :wink:

Seriously, I do understand the frustration - I love events at least as much as anybody else who flies. But, after the last one, I’m cool giving them time to regroup and make sure the next one is done right. Hopefully, that’s what’s going on behind the scenes. I do agree that a comment or update from CCP would be appreciated though.


I too am disappointed by a lack of event over Easter. Understand the need for some type of review, but we could have had a replay of one of the earlier ones.


Agreed- I would have been happy with a repeat of last year’s event.


I believe they’re over thinking and over complicating these events. A couple of years ago it was very basic - shoot some rats and loot a skin and/or a time limited cerebral accelerator from the boss rat. Everybody loved them. Even people who didn’t run them since all the loot was on the market at give-away prices by the second week!

I can understand CCP wanting to offer more challenging content but, if they have nothing better available, it’s OK to recycle the old stuff that worked.


This. Just give us out gated or ungated event sites, ■■■■ you can even keep the ore in as long as the yield is not ridiculously low like last time. As far as the Hunt, ■■■■, just dust off last year’s code and throw it in there. It is not like it has not been put together already.

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Maybe it’s a cunning ploy. Perhaps the event has already been released and we just have to hunt for it?

Sadly, no evidence of that so far. But, if mysterious beacons start showing up after DT today … who knows??

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Given the debacle of the last couple of events I am pretty skeptical and no longer look forward to them.

I would not be surprised if the next one is yet another cluster***k either.


Make your own event, in true EVE spirit collect pod killmails to your (z)killboard then show off to other capsuleers how many easter eggs you’ve colleted. :egg: :rabbit: :wink:


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Hey, is there an updated version of this sheet? Like 2019 version or something?

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Not that I’ve seen, unfortunately.

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The CCP event design team has admitted that Events have missed the mark lately, and I’m 99% confident they are re-grouping and intending on delivering a great experience in the future.


Hey all -

For anyone interested, I posted what I believe were some helpful / constructive insights for Events going forward.

Post is here.

I think the Events folks have heard the community loud and clear and are doing their best to make Events a great experience going forward.

I agree with the notion that it would be awesome if they could just re-use prior events such as The Hunt, but I’m not sure if that’s feasible or would prohibit them from making the forward progress they want.

Have faith - Events are too good and valued by the player community not to come back. :slight_smile:



Honestly I’ll be pretty sad if we don’t get this event. I mean it really looks like we won’t , but I still have hope. It’s one of my fav parts of eve.


Yeah I agree, ‘The Hunt’ was an excellent event, one that all players were able to engage in.

CCP could have easily activated it for this weekend.


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