Why no Hunt... again?!?

Why, 2 years in a row, was there no Guristas Hunt???

Need to explain, CCP.

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Looks like the event team is busy with the next event arc leading to the July expansion. The first chapter apparently just started, check the news. Maybe similar to last year‘s shipcaster story.

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Maybe they just didnt wanna do it. they dont owe you an explanation


They already said that those smaller events were discontinued to due to arcs. Events are now run by marketing (IE sales people who likely don’t delve into the game too much). The 3 regular events we do still have are also not tied to in universe events like the pod hunt was.

the pod hunt was great, what is going on here. @CCP_Bee explain please.

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They could just put geckos in the Guristas fw store, that would do a lot to quell the angst.


No time - had to send out the annusl April 1st gag…

Pointless, they are much cheaper in Jita local, they go for 1 mil ISK each. :wink:


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More importantly, they haven’t snuck in Resource Wars in a while.

Geckos up to 210 Mill.


Should I sell mine?

Since they are quickly becoming rarer than a female Fedo… No.

2 years in a row without a Hunt, where Gecko BPCs came from… They’re about to skyrocket when people realize CCP is making the Gecko go extinct.

oh, where?

You have to look underneath the fedo. If you see a massive bulge of penile pulsating, throbbing, tube-like flesh, its a female fedo.


Pople made too much profit on it.

CCP are to busy making a FPS game, They have shifted most of the team for this new development.

You can see this through the “content” released this year.

The Roadmap they put out was 1/3 FPS game, 1/3 recycled content like this doctor who 2 event on now.

I aint there fault, blame the leadership team when the fps fails, or praise the great decision if it doesn’t.

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No, they hired most of the Vanguard team. They are based in London. Most of CCP development for EVE has been going into the expansions. New ship customizations, new sov mechanics, new corp UI, corp projects, new ships, new anoms, and more have all been announced last week. The roadmap is not detailed.

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folks gotta blame the whole instead of the parts though… doesn’t matter if its london, iceland, timbuktoo, folks would blame the entire ccp organization lol.