Why was there no HUNT this Easter?

Why was there no HUNT.

We need Geckos.

How about an explanation?

At the very bottom:

As the face of war and established empire alliances in New Eden change, the pirate factions are also making moves in the shadows and focusing on other priorities. As mentioned in the recent news item on changes to EVE’s established calendar, some of the events you have come to expect at certain times of year will be replaced by factional campaigns such as the Shadow War. As a result, the Guristas have shifted their focus onto other pressing matters instead of The Hunt this year, so keep your eyes open for what’s coming soon!


My crystal ball tells me that the capsuleer day event this year will be the Angel Cartel and Guristas fighting voer Shipcaster tech.

How much mana do you need for Shipcaster IV?

Who cares about new mechanics that weren’t tested properly and have had zero interest from most players and will barely be used 30 days after launch… I want Geckos.

This is gonna be as anticlimactic as EDENCOM ships. Put lipstick on Faction Warfare all you want, it’s still only going to have very limited appeal. The ‘new and shiny’ will wear off soon.


Honestly I agree. At least thy could have done both events and let people pick which one they want to do

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Who cares about your dumb Geckoes? I want shipcaster and lore stuff.

Just use some normal drones, it’s not like you get that much dps anyways. And even if you did, it’s jsut a few minutes you save in your mindless pve or whatever.

One event excluding an other. Must be some new flavor of spaghetti code, or acute hamster shortage. Not a good thing either way.

p.s. ccplease bring back player bounties (you should have collected enough data by now) and fix the ESI tyvm. Oh, and that bug report webpage ? Mere immortals have no idea what difficulties devs have to go through to get stuff fixed, but still … it’s about time ?

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I approve…when will the amarr empire finally take over the universe and bring on “THE GOLDEN AGE”


Sorry they’re all mine now.

(third row second column from top left)

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Such irony Gordon Gecko was the greedy evil guy yet so many people ended up looking up to him. One of my all time favourite movies.

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Ooops, I got him confused with Gordon the Gopher, from kids BBC tv in the mid 80’s…

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