How do a new line of Ship could be added into EVE?

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Out of curiosity, could there be any posible chance that scp could add new line of Ship that could be use by a capsuleer and alpha friendly (like pirate faction ships)? like i know its hard for the scp to keep up the lore and maintaining the EVE economics situation if adding new line of fleet or even a single ship(industries, pvp, broken meta, etc) but like other mmorpg game, to maintain the freshness of the game itself new content should be made. Like making it more friendly to alpha player so the player base count could be rising a new capsuleer didnt give up in the middle of their experience. Like heck they could grind hard for plex or even making it more dynamic to pvp or alliances experience. Seasonal event are nice but when the event is over, thats it back to daily routine. Its out of curiosity, like i said earlier so yeah judge me n hate me if u guys disagree. I mean i put 700 ish hour on this game and grind the ■■■■ out of it by buying omega buy in game currencies. All I’m saying i love EVE and wanted to keep playing it like its my second job lol.

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What would this new ship line do?


New anything is always nice and new ships would certainly stir the hornets’ nest. Especially if those new ships are tech II or III.

When is the last lime CCP added a new ship into the game? Could it be time for another few new ships?

I don’t see the point in just adding ships for the sake of adding ships. They’ve already got a bunch of balance issues they need to manage with the existing ships already. OP’s rambling nonsense just makes it sound like they want CCP to create a line of ships specifically for them that would make it easier to farm ISK, so that’s already a dumb idea. Not to mention, the Gila already exists.


I am waiting eagerly for Navy Destroyers, when CCP?


yayyyyyy coercer navy issue NAAAWWWWW


What hole would it fill not filled currently?

And will it marginalize a current ship class?

I have always had a a spot in my heart for assault frigs. Which for many years have been the red headed step child of eve going back to 2009. A situation made worse with new ships added not thinking things out.

Interceptors made it look bad from the start. A fast tackle…not great dps but it tackles well. Then came the pirate frigs that did everything we wanted AF to do. And could tackle almost as good as inty. Still no AF love to fix that. So getting a pirate frigate became the stock answer.

Then came t3d to come and say yeah…we can do what you need them to do kind of sorta.

Then as I return to eve they fixed AF"s. Kind of. I see there is an assault DCU. This gets google hits about imba issues in the years I missed.

Also side rant of when they made Jaguar go missiles would it have killed them to give wolf a 3rd mid slot. As its now an arty and AC boat…its needs mid to support Arty better. Jaguar as an arty boat had the mids to run arty helpers like TC AND fit tackle.

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The recent additions were Trig and Edencom ships I believe.

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New ship line.

Suicide ships.

They explod and deal AoE damage to everything nearby.

Only things that are “missing” are pirate BC (probably for good reason as they’d be scary AF) and faction versions of the tier 3 BS hulls.

But as said: there’s no real gap in the line up, we don’t need more pve grind ships and new for the sake of being new is a really bad idea.

That is patently false as Triglavians proved beyond any doubt. Their ships are overpowered, the Invasion content was hideous to do but people were forced to run it anyway, the result is nothing but annoying.


We dont need new ships. We need a bit of love to ships that are not used so much/that are hit in the past with the nerf stick.

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EDENCOM dreadnought :smirk: Maximum zappyness!

Sisters Titan that would make use of capital data/relic rigs.

Create new ships along with new gameplay. New tools to the box.


EVE is like a second job. That’s why you gonna learn to hate it and keep playing.

1 - Adding ships to pirate factions that does not have a ship in a category. e.g. SOE Capital. or faction destroyers / BC;
2 - recycling/adding Navy/Fleet issues, since it’s expected from military to update their stuff;
3 - Accept years have passed and that empire factions came UP with new T1/T2 stuff;
4 - Give players little flexibility changing their ship stats. e.g. taking shield off to add armor, remove PG to gain capacitor, etc;


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Just like car companies, every Empire/Pirate faction in game has most common ship types/sizes represented.

But then there are specialized ships like mining barges, Orca/Rorqual, Noctis, Monitor, Bowhead, etc. Flying each of them is a profession of its own.

And I think the more highly specialized ships there are the better.

Like this tree extractor truck

Or this froest machine

Or this slag carrier

Or some mine trawl tank


Or this gas deposit prospector siesmic thumper truck

CCP could create a ton of new professions, a ton of new ships. This industry overhaul is the best time imaginable for innovation.

Off the top of my head I could imagine a ship that harnesses exhaust form Abyssal traces, Triglavian Stellar Converters or Weather Storms. Sleeper complex infiltrator. A T2 “Camper” Orca for namad lifestyle.


That would require imagination, planning and a will.

CCP has none of these things,


CCP could create a Super Titan that can jump a super fleet from one end of New Eden to the other give it a week CD to be able to jump back.

Fully Armed And Operational Battle Station :heart_eyes: I would loooove to pilot something as HUMONGOUS and MONSTEROUS as a several hundred kilometers long actual Death Star


If you look at many ships already they are the same model but with different color scheme and abilities but it’s essentially the same design, so based upon the track record probably not.