The event duration period is way too short for newcomers like me

I love the game and I love the event, but two weeks and a half is way too short for newcomers.
CCP need to extend it until the 13th so that new players like me could really enjoy it.
I’ve bought two packs and 21 omega days with real money, but it’s still almost impossible to hack everything in t2 exploration sites.
Usual and old eve online players may have fun and make lot of money, but for newcomers like me, it’s just frustrating. We can’t do the exploration sites lv2 and above, we can’t do the combat sites lv2 and above, so we’re just stuck at t1 content and rewards.
Which means that the most interesting item to get from the event (men / women proper dapper outfit) is impossible to get for us.
If the goal of the event was to allow old eve players to make lot of money, then it’s great.
But if the goal was to make it good for newcomers as well, then it’s failed.
I’m using boosters, the rule of 6, and I even bought Poteque Prospector Archeology C-905 implant, but still can’t hack most of the containers.
Please CCP if anybody read this, make the event last one more week


and then we get another post from another new player wanting another “one more week”… ad infinitum


I agree. 15 days is too short for a game event.
At least 30 days would be fine in my opinion.


Well, I am sure there is some contractual agreement between the IP holders, since it’s a brand tie in that would have boundaries, limits including duration.

@Zoiie Yes, I think so too. But 15 days… it’s almost not worth it.

I vote for the two lovely people to the left and the right to be permanently added to the log in screen.

If only old companies could say, “Sure. By popular request let’s change our stated plan.” But…

The event isn’t worth it.

I wish the event would end right now.
The loot is total garbage(except for filaments).

Usually CCP would make the event loot worthwhile, but right now the loot is bad.

The thing is that extending the event duration would allow us to improve our skills which require 14 days of learning time. Even if I really doubt it will happen, I hope that next time CCP makes an event like this one who’s supposed to be designed for new players too, they think about giving them a month to at least see the half of the content, instead of just being able to do the first part.

When the event missions ask you to kill sentries from t2 combat sites but you can’t kill them because you’re not omega and / or you don’t master the required skills to use the required items to fit your ship so you could complete the combat sites and hack the big relics and above from t2 exploration sites, it just feel like most of the content and rewards are denied to us.

I think you where supposed to buy skill points/omega to do it. If your not willing to your probably not the sort of customer CCP are trying to attract.
sad state of video games in current year etc

Paying for a product, I can see why there’s outrage.

Well that’s the thing, I bought 21 days of omega but still would need 14 days to master archeology 5 and 14 more days to master the required skills for t2 relic items and ships so I would have real chances to hack all relic items, or 14 days + to master the required skills to do the t2 combat sites and above.
Which means that even by putting real money I can’t access most of the event content / loot.

I think CCP would consider the event “new player accessible” in terms of the warp convergence relic site and its light 40-strength firewalls, and perhaps the first level filaments for combat. It seems most of the loot CAN drop in the known-space relic sites, but the SKINs drop rate is very low.

CCP runs a seasonal Event schedule. A new one is coming up every 2 months; so even if a new player feels “left out” of the higher level content this time, they have gotten a neat introduction to what it is like, and would be rewarded by sticking with EVE for the next 2 months of skill training, and have an easier time of it during the next seasonal Event.

Yeah, I understand that their goal is to make us spend money and stick around, and that they’ll make other events, but in this precise case I don’t know if we’ll ever see another Doctor Who event again. And even if this event was successful enough to convince them to make a sort of follow-up crossover with doctor who, it could be in a few years, and probably with other items. Which means that the proper’ dapper outfits and ship skins are “one-time items” that we won’t be able to loot after the event ends, and are limited in numbers. So even if I stay playng for a year or two, I’m not sure I’ll be able to buy or get them. I’m just gonna hope that we’ll see the daleks come back again in New Eden.

If you stick with it, your character will advance in capability, make more ISK, and eventually afford the items you’re looking for.

The event has helped boost monthly numbers. The licensing is in place now; “convergence” could become an annual event, like many others. (but while some items may drop again in future events, they always try to come up with new stuff to reward the vets who might otherwise say “why bother, I got all that stuff last time.”)

For a new player, you sound like someone who has been casually playing for years with the salt you have for ccp

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The event was made for new players in the beginning and older players at the higher tiers.

Don’t worry, after the event is before the event. There will be more events in the future, which may be more or less challenging and interesting.
Usually there are a few events per year.

But it would be important that you also have fun activities in EVE when there is no event.