Why would CCP shorten its players favorite event by an entire week?!?!

Why would CCP take the best and players most liked event they have and shorten by a whole week?!?! Why do you hate the players CCP?

and who would like such a community?

Oh Nooo, CCP are putting on a free Christmas Event,… quick, lets rush to the forums to b*
tch and moan about it.


CCP has never done anything for free… remember that once and for all kid.


So what’s the “players most liked event” then, and who gets to decide?

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I assume the sadness comes from 1 week less of isk printing, as the winter nexus sites are fairly good isk printers

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Which is probably why they shortened it so too much isk isn’t printed since the majority of our players are rats now.


It is also my beloved event (among the halloween and the Eastern events!). I love to gank the carebears marauders and t3s mining ships just to interview and sell them a permit afterwards (epic salt!).

However why is CCP shortening the 90% PVP drop event? why CCP? I want that sweet 90% drop extended!

PS. I am salvaging all the wrecks in order to follow CCPs new anti-griefing protocols.

simple, they got too trigger happy on muting ppl in the public chats, new players all left, now they sit silently

I don’t know, but you can always drop the catalytic converter and get some relief…

or two if you are already more tolerant…

Why would someone on this form presume to speak for me?

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