1v1 Destroyer Fit

My corp is having a 1v1 Destroyer (Tier 1) Tournament, and I need some help with fitting since I suck at theory crafting.

The rules are both pilot must warp to 0m, warp out is a DQ, no ECM/TD/Damps, nothing higher than T2 mods, T1 rigs, no implants or drugs and 10min timer.

I can fly all hulls and T2 weapons. Any suggestions would be great!

Most will pop in with a catalyst because you know dps, probably blaster fit, with void ammo, know this I’d go for range and drones and a drone rep setup. Armored tank of course, that’s just me tho.

Interesting rules, you know where they’ll be, and your range to them, and there’s no need to fit any tackle mods… :slight_smile:

That said, either they’ll fit for DPS at 0 or expect that and do range/snipe/drones. They’ll need a MWD to get away to do this.

So, Thrasher to counter both, fit a scram , 2 medium shield extenders, 2 gyros and polarized guns… 2 shield rig, RoF rig, set range to 50m, hit keep at range and OH all the guns… Thrasher not Cat, more chance to build the buffer tank…

Would be nice to try this. Hail ammo??

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Hi Vorick

I claimed joint first place in a destroyer tournament with almost exactly the same rules a few months ago. (It allowed T2 rigs, fit changes between rounds, the opponent’s ship hull is known in advance and warp-in up to 5km). I theory crafted my own ship, so I’ll give you my fit and thoughts if you want try a bit of theory-crafting of your own.

So first thing, destroyers are quite fitting restricted. In general you can pick two of DPS, TANK and SPEED to optimize. If you try to do all three, then you’ll end up not being able to compete with more specialist fits.

Comments and sneaky intel-gathering prior to the tournament led me to believe that the Algos was going to be popular, which indeed turned out to be the case, with 3 of the 6 competitors using it. So my fit was mostly designed with that in mind.

[Thrasher, Defang or Bust!]
Damage Control II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer

Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster

200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
Rocket Launcher II

Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Projectile Metastasis Adjuster I

I’ve designed the fit to be focused on tank and DPS, with the objective to defang an Algos if it tries to kite out, forcing him to come in or take a tie. As it turns out, no one tried to kite me, assuming I had arty, so I burned them down at close range.

You can use arty on this fit. It sacrifices DPS and the ability to hit drones for some better range and potential to alpha through reps. The rocket launcher is also negotiable, a Nos would allow you to maintain some cap against a Dragoon.

Overheat the invul from the start, and heat whatever rep you are currently using. Don’t run both shield boosters at once. Only start the second one when the first is reloading, and use the armor rep to clear up armor bleed-through. Rep management is extremely important, you don’t want to be over-repping.

In my opinion, selectable damage types are very important in this type of tournament. due to the ability to fit specific resists. That makes projectiles, drones and missiles favorable choices. You can also guess and hit your opponent’s lowest resistance.

The algos’ in our tournament were EXTREMELY powerful, it must be said. If you choose to fly one, then your DPS will eventually overwhelm even the strongest tank unless you are de-fanged. Its probably worth brawling and bringing your guns to bear, trying to overwhelm your opponent with the extra DPS than kiting and risking a tie where you lose your drones and your opponent can’t catch you.

The Dragoon gets an honorable mention. This thing can cap out any cap-reliant active-tanked destroyer and leave them a sitting-duck. It can also mount a respectable buffer tank. It didn’t do great in our tournament since it was up against two thrashers and three algos, but against laser or even hybrid ships it should take a fairly easy win thanks to cap warfare.

Final ship I’ll mention is the Coercer. Yes, it has a fixed damage profile, but it also has the best damage projection in moderate ranges of any destroyer. It can also fit a mean armor tank. The coercer serves a similar role as my Thrasher, but with better range, better damage projection, slightly worse tank and fixed EM/Thermal damage.

That’s it from me, final thing I’ll say is: stay away from the Talwar!
I tried to make it work, believe me :parrot:



Oh man what a great response. One thing I forgot to mention is the limitation to only 2 active reps, so I may have to adjust. Also, what do you mean by “defang”? You mean to just get out of range?

Kill the drones.

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Defang refers to killing all of your opponent’s drones. If they are flying a drone-dependent ship, it leaves then near-helpless thus ‘de-fanged’ :smiley:

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I wanted to see if a Destroyer would make a good entry level pvp fit. Turns out a blaster-brawler Algos is fun as ■■■■.

You’re warping at 0, so it’s going to have to be a brawler fit. Algos can fit more tank and has great dps. Catalyst can melt people and not be defanged, sunesis can fit double web for range control.

First, with the Algos it’s a delicate balance of landing right on your target within optimal. Burning to them with mwd means you will yo-yo significantly without fast-thinking speed-control. I like that style a lot.

As for Catalyst:
I dont know that a catalyst can fulfill another of my requirements of pvp fits though, melt big bounty rats…

I haven’t looked specifically into it other than the usual fits that are pvp focused and they all look like they will have trouble at clone soldiers?

I’m asking…

I have the philosophy that my fit should let me do regular activities in the meantime. Catalyst seems limited that way? But otherwise a superior damage boat?

On Algos you can do similar thing with scram/web.

For your intended purposes i don’t think the catalyst will do. The catalyst struggles with fitting if you must fit an mwd. The problem is it can only do it’s thing well with neutrons and a scram. It also really struggles without the third mid for a web. It is also made of wet tissue paper. Can it ■■■■ out ~600 dps in a max dps configuration? Yes, yes it can. It’s very good at that, and that’s about all it’s good at.

I put my alt in one to fly around with my main until the alt could get into the hecate. It worked well in that pair because, for some unknown reason, dudes would rather shoot the much thicker hecate that has two webs and does ~800dps than the paper catalyst doing ~600. I have yet to determine why that is. Now with both of them in hecates ■■■■ melts before they even know what’s happening.

The algos is more capable as an all around combat vessel than the catalyst could ever hope to be.

Would say Command destroyers, but they aren’t really starter ships.

But a fitted command destroyer can do massive damage, and with the right command burst can be as small as a frigate and as maneuverability, higher resistances, HP or repair rates, better locking or damper resistances through scripts. And normally they have a good bonuses over T1 versions.

Almost forgot the MicroJump Drive option, jump 100km into or out of combat, and if a real bastard you pull you target with you…

Dude, I will buy you a destroyer if you want. Don’t pve in something so small.

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