Abyssal Destroyer Options?

Morning all,

With the upcoming change to Abyssal Deadspace, what sort of Destroyers are people thinking of running?

I’m playing with one other player and we’re duo’ing Worm Frigates in T1 & T2 to get a feel for the Abyss.
When the patch hits I guess we were expecting to run 2 x Destroyer instead of 2 x Frigates but the Destroyer fits I’m looking at aren’t overly that great.

I run a Jackdaw at the moment (for exploration) with about 200dps (with Scourge standard).
The tank is pretty good with a faction shield booster but it’s obviously quite expensive.

I guess the question is - is the Worm still going to be better here?
or are there Destroyer builds that run better DPS with decent tank/resists?

Thank you.

T3 is where everyone will probably try to go. As far as I see on YT. You will be able to do t3 filaments solo with enough bling and decent skills.

I don’t know what will be range on jackdaw, but you probably need to look at rockets than light missiles.

Thanks Lis. Range on the Jackdaw currently is 65km with Light Missiles. It’s good but I feel like it’s lacking DPS. The speed is only 567m/s so I won’t be speed tanking so I lose that over the Frigate.

I’m fairly amateur at Eve Online so trying to figure out how to get the T3 Destroyer better than a T2 Frigate.

im going to lean towards the Trig destroyers. I’ll start with a Kikimora and see how that goes. i run a Nergal for the frigate fleet ship and we can run T4’s with 2 of them and a Retribution. It will be nice to run these in destroyers when our third member is not online

Have you had time to test this yet?

Looking for optimal fits for 2 players to run

Janus. Sooner you get into the Draugur the better.

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