Best 2 player setup for running abyss

Hi there, I have a friend who is starting to get into the game. I have/will be injecting his character with additional SP so that is not an issue/consideration.
I also do not mind buying him some ships, I obviously will not be buying him some super blingy worm in order to do these sites however I wouldn’t be adverse to working up to that.

So are the 2 player abyss sites worth running?
What ship(s) should we be using I would guess it is going to be the T3 ones? …probably the jackdaw (my main can fly all however)… If so then would 2 the same fit be needed or are there 2 different fits which would work better?

I have little experience with abyssal sites, but I suppose it could be nice to look into some of the solo frigate guides as a starting place, bring your friend along and see how far it can take you.

I’d guess destroyer t4 or frigate t3 would be a good place to get to, I’d suggest starting with some lower tiers for learning purposes. t1s are pretty easy so having 2 is probably going to be overkill. t2s I was dunking on with 2 jackdaws, I haven’t tried t3s yet as I’m still practicing mulitboxing, although I think I’ve seen that the t3 destroyers can solo them.

try the abyssal lurkers chat in game, they probably have way more insight into details.

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