Looking for interesting DUO fit [DUO ABYSS]


We are two players that want to get into duo abyssal gameplay with destroyers.
I’d like to use a fit that has incentives on teamwork if that’s anywhere possible.

For instance in null DED, I used to play a fun mirror build Dominix using Remote Repair and Energy transfer, I would get huge capacitor and repairs. It was very effective and I wonder if something similar could be achievable in DUO abyss ?

Propably try the same idea. Take a drone boat and pair it with RR

I guess Algos, Dragoon or the T2 versions should all work. Trig destroyers could work, but i am not sure, how well they could tank.

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confessors in electricals, or jackdaws in darks should be easy to get into.

the drauger looks pretty awesome, no idea how well it actually does and it’s pretty pricey.

I tried toying around RR on a mirror jackdaw but that was quite disappointing. I sould have went the drone platform. Skilling up jackdaw now.

Dark are you sure ? cause the npcs would also get a max velocity meaning less missiles damages.
I was thinking electrical to sustain my shields better.

Defnetly Dark. Turrets and drones dont work in dark sites, so you have to use missiles.
It also makes tanking alot safer, cause most NPCs have alot more trouble hitting you.

I see, nice !

with light missiles/rockets you are getting plenty of application as most of these sites were designed for cruiser application

and as said the turret debuff hurts most of the NPCs a lot.

lastly dark filaments are cheap right now.

So we’ve been running couple of Dark filaments, it’s getting hard quickly, the issue is tanking cruisers, some of them, especially the triglavian cruisers do crazy damage output and we can’t really switch aggro. Once the whole gang is on one of the destroyer, it’s a race to kill them all before dying.

We need to try other strategy, maybe use some e-war to retake agro.

Anyone else got some interesting fits ?

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