Thorax FFA Module Restrictions Not Working

Regarding the Federation Day Thorax FFA Proving Grounds event. I keep seeing people with Shield Boost Amplifiers fit to their ships despite them being banned in the rules.

What’s the deal? I guess it’s an oversight?

I’d guess it was an oversight.

Example: Thorax | Kiona Mord | Killmail | zKillboard
Item: Copasetic Compact Shield Boost Amplifier | Item | zKillboard

Ah damn Yea I fit one once as well didn’t even realize they where banned can agree that the check system is borked then.

Wasn’t even that strong tbh someone with an almost exact fit but instead of a shield amp they had an ab and won with both of us being full hp at the start of the fight after the other 2 combatant’s died.

So why is it banned in the first place? I can understand it being op with battle ship’s and their massive tank, but not cruisers.

Okay so I’m not crazy. Thanks for confirming.

Not sure, but maybe because you can extend your tank without expending resources (cap, paste, whatever)?

Yeah seems so.

Maybe but with 4 slots you either have to give up control, speed or resi/cap anyways xD Maybe only when its 5 mid’s does it really make the difference.

I remember someone telling me the praxis is a nightmare with one.

Thanks for the report. I can confirm that we claim that the Shield Boost Amps are banned in the rules text but they aren’t actually banned from the Arena - with the limited amount of mid slots hopefully this hasn’t been an issue in the matches you’ve experienced.


Why are Warp Disruptors banned in the arena? No one uses them and they have absolutely 0 utility in this format. :thinking:


I only see weapon disruptors in the banned list, dont see warp disruptors.

Hey thanks for the followup. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but shield tanks do seem pretty popular in this format.

I found it interesting that with the falloff bonus, the auto’s became much better than hybrids even on a ship without bonuses to it.

Would have been interesting if we where allowed to use null and do some fall off null kiting. But its pretty meh with faction ammo.

But then again with everyone tanking kin/therm it would have been a challenge to burn peoples tanks down in that time limit with reduced damage from fighting in far falloff.

Strange question CCP Kestrel:

Are the specific challenge’s in the arena designed to make the arena itself as fun as posible or a testing ground for ships and how they would fair with certain changes to them in the future.

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