Thorax PVP-Fit - Comments?

I keep reading everywhere that PVP-fits should be armor-tanking rather then shield-tanking.
So, comments about my fit for Thorax?

I do like it and works pretty good. I tend to do alot low-sec combating anomalies.
Would like to have a 50mn-warp, need to watch my back 24/7 since there is no way to counter warp disrupters …

BUT, its there a better fit maybe?


The thorax can pull off both. While it can get a better armor tank that isn’t the be all end all of a fit.

As for your fit it won’t do well in pvp. You have no range control or any form of point.

The only people you will be fighting are the ones that feel they can kill you. Everyone else is just going to leave grid.

You would get more out of a second mag stab than the drone damage amp

You also have a massive resist hole

Actually about the only thing that makes sense is you’re at least using all of the same weapon type but that’s where it ends lol


Too much buffer, no tank.

The shield extenders just give you HP, no resistance.

Also your signature radius is huge. You’re going to get hit a lot and hard.


Your fit works well, in fleets. Make sure to have your FC know you’re shield fitted.

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Don’t lie to him. He has no tank and very little dps.

What part do you think is good for a fleet?


So, tell me what I should change to then?

At least point out the way, because I can’t really wrap my head around what to do.


that’s the problem there is nothing about that fit that works

you have no resistances, you have no form of range control. you are using a damage mod for your auxiliary weapon system and your sig is the size of a moon.

what i recommend is the same thing I recommend to most players. Don’t re-invent the wheel your corp probably already has some fittings and hopefully has some one experienced in crafting fits. Tell them what your goal is and ask them if they have a fit that works for it.

Well that’s what i was going to say but i checked to see what corp you were in and saw that you aren’t yet. You need to be at the very least until you learn the game. if you are opposed to joining a corp then you should still join one of the many communities in game, Eve is not kind to solo players.

If you would like my corp is open as well as the second corp in my alliance. We are PvP focused and in faction warfare. We are also built with a priority on teaching new players. My corp is focused mostly on support roles like E-war and logi while the other is more general.

but really finding a group that fits your goals is paramount in eve.

1 shield extender in the mid slots is OK and an extender in the rigs.

Then add at least 1 shield hardener and shield amplifier to the mid slots.

Use the rest of the rigs and mid slots for weapons improvements.

And put a DC 2 in the low slot. That’s generally SOP.

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He would still have 0 range control.

Well, i haven’t joined a Corp since I don’t really have the time to be active at any decent level, so I grind solo. Sure, if there a Corp that I can be semi-active in, then it could be good.

What do you mean by range control?

Propulsion modules to get closer/away. Also no tackle (warp disruptor/scramble) to prevent the target to just get away.

About the corp, they will probably be more worried about you being participative when you can login than about how often you login. Just be clear about it at the time you apply.

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Yeah there are plenty of corps out there mine included that aren’t bothered by people who have little time to play.

As for range control any module that either let’s you move faster or causes your target to move slower. These let you dictate the rage of the engagement.

So ab,mwd,scram,web

Been sitting for a while to figure out an fit, but I get stuck.

I get the part that my signature is bigger then the moon itself thanks to the 3x shield extender in the mid, but my shield costs nothing to repair?

Spent a few hours trying to figure out something, all I got was:

Damage Controll II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

*Multispectrum Membrane?
*Armor Repairer?

Compact Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Large F-S9 Regolith Compant Shield Extender
50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
*Cap Booster?

3x Medium Trimark Armor Pump I


Do you have a discord? If so what times are you normally free?

It might be easier to explain where you can ask questions in real time.

I’m not sure what you’re asking with this.

As with the fit, you are now falling into the trap of duel taking and your still using a drone damage amp on a ship where drones are an auxiliary system.

The last thing I want is for you to get discouraged. Like with most things in eve at the start it seems impossibly hard but then things will start to rapidly click.

Here is a example (first PvP fit I found on workbench)

High are blasters, mids taken with propulsion/tackle, rigs and low for tank.

Likely to either quickly dispatch the target or to die in the attempt.

I don’t use Discord at all, i play on my TV with an old computer, so my setup is not ideal :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The thing about the shields, is that i don’t understand why armor tanking is generely seen as better then sheild tanking. Shields “heal” themselves and yes i got the part with the signature and stuff. And yes, get the part that you can get a armor repairer. For me, it feels like the shield is an extra protection before hitting the armor.

What are you trying to aim at with "falling into the trap of duel tanking?
If find the Drones really useful, or aren’t they?

Please, show me an example of what you think would be a good fit for Low-sec PVP?

Well, im not gonna be discouraged, just trying to wrap my head around it all.

Something like this is reasonable for a shield Thorax. You get more DPS by putting damage modules in the low slots, and you can just ram into most appropriate targets with Antimatter to kill them, if you manage to land the scram.

You can also armor tank a Thorax with dual armor reppers, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner because there are a lot more modules to micromanage.

Alot of people prefer armor tanking since you need to reserve at minimum two mid-slots for propulsion and warp scrambling / disruption. If you want to use a stasis webifier to slow your enemy down, then you’ll need three mid-slots. That doesn’t leave many mid-slots free for shields. However, this isn’t a hard rule. Some hulls have enough mid-slots or shield bonuses to make shield tanking worthwhile.

As for a good PVP fit, what kind of targets are you looking to kill? You usually fit a ship to hunt specific targets (at least if you want to win).

I just had to see the average pilots name to know that was a poor fit and it is. You would have one hell of a time keeping someone in blaster range with that fit.

The cult of Joe has no idea what they are doing

It’s not, not if you mean in the general sense. For a thorax it is do to the limited number of mids.

Shield recharge isn’t really a big plus in regards to it being “free” repairing armor doesn’t actually cost much of anything.

Shields are generally have an advantage in small and solo fights do to them having a higher burst tank. They can get better resistances using heat than armor can and their local rep modules give more hp per cycle and per second by cost significantly more cap.

Armor has the advantage in large fleets do to increase utility in the mids a larger buffer and a more sustained tank. Normally not needing to over heat resist modules. Their logistics ships are more cap efficient and have a much longer effective repair range. (By the time shield logistics is repairing more than armor your losing close to 1/3 of your reps)

However with changes to the game each taking types overall advantages have diminished making each viable for any endangerment size.