Non balanced proving ground event

Looks like here buch of firends or multiple alts on this destroyer proving ground event, just lose few times in a row while playing with duo, not even one single time draw , its just ridiculous, that some teams dont shot- fight each but always picking one target and shot it until is dead, at the end they just die to “leader”

last time i do small test i do long range lock and drones range 100+km, after enter i just burn microwarp drive and got range at 100+km + away from all enemy, they tok them like 4-5min long to reach my ship, but funy part they dont shot like few minyts betwen, all target was locked and i saw they dont take or shot nearby ships in thier lock range, it make no sense at all and looks 100% fake … is just stupid how this event mechanic works, is just farming… one character… by multiple teams that work togever.

It’s always been like this.

CCP’s precious “e-sport” is a joke, and no one cares about it. You can’t have a proper arena system with matchmaking and rules in an open-world game that’s about making your own rules, which often include cheating and backstabbing.

The fact that CCP is so weak-willed that they aren’t publicly threatening to ban people who do this speaks volumes. They either need to drop the pretenses and deliver a “game within a game” experience of properly-administered arena combat with rules and matchmaking, or leave the open-world experience intact, and give players the tools they need to set up their own arenas (e.g. being able to deploy a physical area with boundaries, and group duel requests with some rudimentary stat-tracking).


OR just do it in the sandbox with all the problems, interaction and opportunities that arise from that.

The problem with that logic is that while the game does a good job of mimicking open interaction on a social level, it doesn’t provide any practical tools for actual world-building.

I can play Minecraft, and if I want an arena, I can actually physically construct one and say “here’s where we’ll fight.” I can even use create a score-keeping mechanism with special blocks that enable boolean logic, automate the environment’s physical features like platforms and traps, et cetera.

What does EVE offer? The ability to jettison a few cans and say “okay guys, see this box-like thing I made? try not to leave it for the battle!”? The ability to keep score out-of-game only via some esoteric API feature that would require me to program a separate app or website?

Saying “just do it sandbox-style with all of the emergent gameplay that will entail, lols!” is a cop-out response when the game offers absolutely no tools to create content aside from the ability to attack other players whenever you want. Which is to say, EVE is a deathmatch game without rules, as opposed to being an actual sandbox.

And all you’re doing is parroting the edgy “it’s a sandbox” white-knight meme without stopping to think that the game might actually be flawed in this regard.

My point is that there shouldn’t BE any arenas, at least not ones created by game mechanics. Introducing more game mechanics that allow players to move themselves outside the main sandbox… is against the sandbox.

If you as a player or group want to try and ORGANISE arena-like gameplay then more power to you but do it in the world we all play in using the mechanics and rules we all have to follow.

Oh, I agree, but CCP wanted its own e-sport, and now EVE has one. And it’s rubbish.

So if they’re going to force one on us, they might as well do it properly, even if it does leave the sandbox, which it already technically does, but without the benefit of polished features.

Sorry no. Just because it’s half (arsed) in it doesn’t make sense to go “well then just completely sell out because why the F not”.

Because it will act as a precedent, it’s a slippery slope. What’s next, mining “arenas” for miners? How about Null arenas where no one can enter unless you have access and people “are left alone”? If you think that sounds dumb, “pvp arena” sounds just as dumb.

Just no, not even once.

1v1 arena is the most honorable proving ground. Only the real brave will enter that one where they can’t call mommies and daddies to help them.

This being a 4 way free for all, you shouldn’t expect to win any more than 1 in 4 rounds unless you are very good at the event and in fact you will probably loose way more than 3 in 4. A few losses in a row is normal, as is being teamed up on by the other teams. Collusion, target selection and ending up facing multiple teams from the same alliance will be normal in this event. Its all part of the ffa fun. You want to check out the 1v1 events for a fair fight.

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It was called Resource Wars

Thats all defended Sov.

Its been happening for years, mate.

Its why theres so many whiny krabs these days.

Not the same thing: SOV doesn’t make it impossible to enter that space, it just gives the defenders an advantage. A big one yes but it’s NOT anything like what is being discussed.

There are Null Systems which are protected to the degree that theres no meaningful interruption to krabbing. Thats the same result via different means

Also, PI is in null so that also counts

I don’t actually think this is the case, but just a side-effect.
I still believe the primary function of these arenas is to train AI.

Still looking forward to the day the NPCs are actually formidable opponents.

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