What I experienced on proving ground event(continuing)

Before start, first sorry for my bad english.

Some guys follow me and make capsuleer log off timer so that I can’t play proving ground event.

Cause I was 5th place in last event, so I think i can get at least 5th place, but now it will be impossible BECAUSE OF ■■■■ OF THAT GUYS

Even if it is do not problem about event rule, I think at least it is game play hindrance act. As a result, I can’t play eve almost from Friday to today.

Below pictures and video link is their trick.

They dscan jita, if find us, follow us and shoot.
you can see same guy follow us on three time. and finally attack us, so that we can’t do proving ground.
I moved to Botane or Dodixie, or even on school sector, they still follow me and attack.

Now I have 6 Kill Rights.

I’m completely agree with below post.

They are only do this act on AUTZ, not on other time.(I am AUTZ player.)
Plus, they doing alt spamming with no fit cruiser, so if they meet their alt, just dead and get 1 victory.
this is example.

I think although this act do not ruin the rule, at least it is game play disruption act targeting on me and needs that related characters ALL BANNED.

If this problem do not dealing with seriously, is there any meaning to open these kind of event?


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Are you trying to do it in Jita or any other hub?


If its a requirement of the event then…


you can find out screen capture that they follow me on duripant.
whenever I moved to other location, they follow me.

Oh I got answer, said ‘THIS IS EVE’

That lol

this is eve

If only someone had warned CCP about this being an issue along with numerous other bad feature designs before CCP released this feature… :upside_down_face:

Good fight.


:red_circle: Poor you. Can’t enjoy your instanced PVP …


So GUYS, if there are any event like this, use locator and find out rankers!
You can simply and freely make them impossible to get victory just attack one shot with your interceptor!

Do you want to avoid this? JUST GO WORMHOLE!

I welcome the challenge btw :slight_smile:

Because you made a big target of yourself for getting annoyed at them.

Dude, sounds like a comedy of errors you brought on yourself.

And also sounds like you dont like competition in your competition.

Also congrats to whomever first worked out how to affect instances with some actual-game consequences!


WTS highsec ganking for abyssal denial

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The first rule of Eve, avoid the forums.

You will never get a serious or sympathetic response here. :dart:

CCP said, write this on forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Obvious trap is still a trap. :dart:


are we realy going to bash this guy because he caught someone exploit a mechanic of the game ??

Is the high chance of losing your ship and pod not actual game consequences? As far as activities go in Eve the only thing I can think of with a higher chance of loss is suicide ganking.

If you say so

I was under the impression one should never undock in something you arent prepared to lose, and so any kind of Abyssal ship is written off anyway.

I mean, its not like its even an Isk Sink.

Tell him you would like to speak to the manager.


What CCP’s reply is saying is that someone outthought their team of developers and they can’t be arsed to fix it…again. Have to admit, EVE’s group of players are the best at finding any error or loophole in development.