Is this harassment?

Somone tries to get me concord because I use smartbombs, then I move to a different system 30 jumps away, and he comes after me and does the same… then I move 28 jumps away again, and he tries to do the same.

I can play the game because this guy is literally following me everywhere I go to get me killed.

Is this not considered harassment? I mean Im trying to avoid him at all costs, like the guide says, I moved tens of jumps away all over highsec and hes just following me.

When is harassment considered harassment?


PS: I just want to know where the line for harassment killing the same person over and over again lies.
Because I can kill the same person and be the worst kind of human being if its not against the EULA.
So pls tell me where is the harassment line killing the same person again and again.


Pretty sure you already asked this one a month or so ago. Pretty sure you were trolling then too.

It’s harassment when someone makes a complaint and a GM calls it harassment.

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If he is following you exclusively over 60 jumps for no reason but what you described, you have a reasonable case for harassment. It might be worth reporting him.

But as Kezrai stated, it’s the GMs call.


Im trying to show that to the GM, that its not about a kill, its about following someone all over the universe.
If thats not considered harassment then I dont know what is.

Also Ive made a thread yes, here it is: If I keep ganking the same person over and over again, is that illegal according to TOS?

According to that thread its harassment, but now its not harassment anymore?

Where is the line?

Just following isn’t harassment.

But you should send in a ticket and see what a GM says. Let us know how much he laughs at you.


Following and getting me killed.

No, you are the one causing yourself to get killed.

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So stop using smartbombs in hisec, then. Pretty simple, or are you a trollin’?..oh…


Nice troll thread…

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Thousands of others manage to not get killed by not using smart bombs. So the solution is obvious.

File as many support tickets as possible.




Your ability to reasonably play the game does not depend on you using smartbombs.

If he was ganking you wherever you went you’d have a case because that significantly restricts your ability to play.

In your case, just stop using smartbombs in hi-sec.

Using smartbombs in hi-sec is very smart… so I heard. :smirk:


I think it’s encouraged. There are locator agents offering services so that people can find a specific pilot whenever they want.

I never used one of those locator agents, but I guess they are pretty useful when you encounter someone in the game who keeps making the same mistake, because these agents allow you to repeatedly find this player to capitalize on that mistake. Pretty useful if someone shows a liking of flying blingy ships without tank, or consistently hauls too much value in one go, or keeps using smartbombs in high security space…

How is he doing it by the way? A well-tanked CovOps scanning ship to scan your location down and get into bomb range while cloaked? Must be hilarious to kill people that way. :smiley:
Too bad it’s easily countered. Once you notice him in local and stop using smartbombs there’s nothing he can do.

so why make a new thread ?

it’s not like your last thread was locked or anything.

infact why ask the general public, they have as much power over things of this sort as you do.

it’s a question for CCP which i’m sure you have already gotten an answer from.

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No it’s not harassment. I’m sure you have done something to piss him off and now you have to pay. Maybe offer him some isk.

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Smartbombing is a dangerous thing, which is why you have to set your safety to red to do it in high-sec.

If you don’t want people to target you, don’t make yourself such an easy target. There are other tactics, besides this one, that aren’t so easy to exploit against you.

For sure. I lost a lot of mining Badgers back in the day because I ran a smartbomb while I took the dog for a walk.

But that’s not what the thread is about. It’s about harassment.

Chasing an easy target isn’t harassment. That’s just following the content. It’s done in null-sec all the time, and nobody bats an eye. Even certain CSM members are quite famous for specifically targeting certain groups/people/areas.

It could very well be that the hunter feels this guy has wronged him in some way, and is doing this to retaliate. In which case it is not only legit, but quite literally something CCP has repeatedly used as a selling point for EVE in their promotional materials.

Or it could be that the guy is just being a dick.

Which is why I said way back at the start of the thread that it’s up to a GM to decide. Not you. Not me.

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