Harrassement while mining by a random bumper

I’m new but I’ve read some post about bumping.

I’d like to report a player who harrassed me in high-sec while I was mining.
For what I understand bumping is use as a legit tool to keep people from aligning and escaping a fight. Though here it is about harrassing miner just for the thrill of it. The only contact I had with that player was him pushing duel offer. My venture against his cruiser…

One might argue that code bumping is a mafia like play and is legit, other that bumping is a legit mechanics for PvP. Here it is a player trying to force a newbro into a duel and keeping him from mining. He can justify no profit from that harrassement.

What is the proper way to report that ?


Perfectly legit gameplay, whether you like it or not. All you have to do is leave the area. If the player follows you to another system after you have made an effort to get away, however, that is now harassment.


How does that justify in a policed place ?

Read one of the many threads on the subject. Long story short, CCP says bumping is perfectly legit. Regardless of what some new players think, high sec is not a safe space and the police are not there to save you…


Could you point me to one of those subject please ?

Just type in bumping in the forum search box. I’m sure you’ll get at least a couple dozen hits…

Thanks :slight_smile:

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First of all, welcome to our beautiful game !
Second of all, I’m sorry you already ran in what make our game have a bad reputation : if you show to the others (especially in high sec, as you’ll see a lot of people in systems) that you are new, 90% of them will try to use it for their profit or just messing your day (with the bumbing tactic you witnessed).

High Sec have a mechanic that no other security system possess : CONCORD (space police). If someone commit an action that give him a “Criminal” (Red) Timer, they will be hunt down and most likely obliterated either by the local police forces, or CONCORD (everywhere in high sec). The problem is that CONCORD is here to punish, not defend. So as long as no criminal actions are committed, you’re on your own if you don’t have a bunch of friends ready to help you out.


Then there are others who genuinely try to help newbros out as much as possible


When you are mining, orbit the asteroid you are mining. It makes you harder to bump. Don’t just sit there. That’s pretty much asking for it…


Thanks a lot for the answer. @Sasha_Viderzei
I got much of that from reding.
But what I don’t understand is how it comes that bumping people in high-sec is not considered as a crime ? I got from the previous response that that’s it, and bumping is not a criminal act, but what I don’t get is the reason why.

I’ve read some about CODE, and I thought that what made there bumping not catagoryzed has harrassement was the fact they could justify profit, like a mafia asking for protection, which, even if I don’t want to suffer from, I found awesome. That’s clearly amazing they created a space mafia X) !! But I thought there was an anti-harrassement policy in CCP rules. ( edit : anti “harrassement that don’t justify profit” policy)


just bumping a miner isn’t considered harassment. If you leave and they keep coming after you, just to bump you then that can turn into harassment.

@QuakeGod I was not sitting, I was manualy flying.

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You don’t need profit to justify an action. There are many actions taken in this game simply for the tears they generate…


@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Even if you go to an other asteroid in the belt ?

@QuakeGod Yeah I know that, but what I am talking about is coming from the CODE pages. It seems that from the start there harrasement policy needed to be justified.

We aren’t being policed.

Keep your head low, don’t respond or he’ll just keep pushing for more. Once the idiot has locked onto you is all he will see meaningless text until he gets what he wants.

You can also dock up or switch to an alt character. If he keeps doing it for several days without you giving him any further reason then create a ticket for player harassment.

Also, welcome to the sandbox!


Ok, noted.
Well I exhausted him by manualy flying, so he kept missing and left.


Just orbit the asteroid at full speed and 99% of bumpers won’t even bother with you…

Perfect. I tend to turn the AB on and off to make the bumper try and then fail again.