So, greif bumping is 100% allowed by gm's?

Guy keep bumping me and haulers in amarr to solely harass them where they cannot dock because bumped off station or warp before re bumped.

100% locking them down form doing anythng.

He has a 2.3 BILLION Isk bounty for people getting upset for him bumping people all day long for absolutely no other purpose then greifing people.

I petitioned and was told bumping is allowed and nothing they can do

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Bumping is legal.

even if it locks someone down for the sole purpose to greif them?

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That is harassing you need to prove it so that something can be done, bumping mechanic(i call it failure of game mechanic) is most pathetic way doing eve online imo.


Bumping is allowed but in the case of bumping from station, preventing you to dock, you can avoid that by creating bookmarks close to the station and warping to the bookmark.
In mid-warp you select the station in overview and press “D”, ship will dock right after warp is complete.


Teach him a lesson by suicide ganking his bump ship. People must not be that upset if they aren’t doing anything about it.


I always wondered what happens if you just exit the game. Are bumped ships invulnerable then? :thinking:

It would disappear after the logout timer, however I imagine someone could suicide a rookie ship at the ship they are bumping to extend the timer and keep it in game.

It is legitimate game play. You could…

Wait till downtime. You will be removed from space and can log in when the bummer is busy.

Bring an alt or trusted friend to web you so you will warp away faster. Do not trust a random 3rd party who wants to duel you to provide webs. This is a trap.

Do not pay a random. It too is a trap and will only mark you as an easy target.

Also… Treat this person as a bully. That may sound odd and be viewed negatively but in essence, that is what this player is. They have an opportunity to make themselves feel better by holding power over you. Do not feed them. Do not give them money. Do not give tears in local or spew hate filled emails. It fuels them. The best course of action is to ignore them. Do not give then the attention they are craving. They will move into another target once they realize you ate not providing sport for them.

And welcome to EVE where it is a harsh world and this happens.


yes bumping, even that which stops you form warping is allowed. they were suppose to make a change to it, but i’m unsure if that change actually came in.

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It’s allowed for 3 minutes unless an agression timer comes to be.

Htfu :slight_smile:


Hmm. CO-Dalt detecteroo.

No one actually petitions a GM, gets a fully unambiguous answer, and then asks the community the same question.

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Is anyone claiming to being bumped a CODE. alt to you?

You should really take the time to read what you’re about to post before actually posting… the :poop: :postbox: is strong with you lately

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What exactly is bumping?

First of all, that’s not “griefing”.
Unless that dude really really envies those haulers and wishes to be like them but has no skill to fly an iteron.

Second, learn to use bookmarks, especially on busy stations or ones with bad undock/gate align.
And there is a thing that came out in latest update called “not autopilot”. Try it sometime.

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Ramming your ship into another ship to prevent it from aligning / send it flying miles away. Causes no damage but is popular for trapping slow aligning ships like freighters / orca until a gank team can arrive.


Run your ship into another ship. Both do not take damage but both are shoved or bumped off course by the collision. By repeatedly ramming or bumping a ship, you can prevent it from properly aligning to warp.

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Create an insta-warp spot outside of the station undock. Simply undock in a small ship and drift at least 200Km away (use afterburner/MWD to accelerate the process if you like). Bookmark this location in space. Dock, switch to your hauler. Undock and warp to the bookmarked spot you just created. Laugh at the bumper griefer.

ALL hauler pilots should have insta-undocks from their favourite stations. It’s the single most effecting anti-gank and anti-grief mechanism available to you.


Yes. And it is not griefing either. You can avoid this by using bookmarks as noted, and also by not making yourself a target for bumping. Most bumping is done to keep you from warping so you can be ganked. How much was in your cargo hold in terms of ISK value? More than 2 billion?

Yes, that is what would happen if they wanted to gank you.

There is some good advice in this thread. Another bit of advice, do not overload your freighter/hauler in terms of ISK value. Bumping is often a prelude to a gank, and ganking is usually done for profit. So don’t make it profitable for them and you’ll reduce your risk.