Player Harassmemt, by bumping

I am getting increasingly incensed, by CCP doing nothing about ship bumping.

This is mainly carried out in mining areas, where the boosting ship is bumped away from the ships it is boosting, with no penalty.

You say, harassment is against the EULA, but you do not enforce this harassment.

Occasional bumping may be fine, but constant bumping is harassment (somehow not enforced by CCP rules)

CCP needs to sort this out, otherwise they are hypocrites.

You set rules, but do not adhere to them


CCP, until very recently, have not given a f…ig about you or your high sec ways… (my assumption that you are in high sec).

Now that they have realised (12 years after being told… ad nauseam) that high sec wars decs against high sec pve focused (exclusive generally) corps/allicances has driven 50% of their, paying (subscriptions), player base from the game (thanks to our new, observant, korean overlords) there may be a slight possibility that they will listen to you … I highly doubt it though…


Unfortunately, bumping is part of the mechanics in EVE. It’s irritating, and CODE enforcement by multibox players is why I quit mining.

There are many irritating things about EVE

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Ah yes, CODE and their not really botting gank fleets ‘honest gov’ - lol - input broadcasting for 20/30 perfectly in sync ‘players’ (lol) - again, CCP dont give a monkeys… it’s not exactly hard for them to check, but hey… maybe complain to Pearl Abyss


The rule is that the player being bumped has to go through reasonable efforts to move systems… such as going to another region. If the bumper follows you then, it’s harassment.

I suggest you log out and come back in a few minutes / hours and move systems. If he persists, then report him.


And today wh have results of that “smart” rules, mass layoffs of ccp stuf and just few die hard players ingame…

Compliments to cretors of that “great” rules!!!

It is quite certainly enforced, maybe you don’t quite understand that when the EULA says harassment it is in relation to when it is targeted towards the person playing, not the actions taken against the character (ship) itself. There are however times when actions against a character can be considered as harassment against a person, in such case, the actions must be repeated over several days/weeks regardless of which ships you’d be flying in.

Bumping an Orca is normal practice for testing if it’s AFK mining or a bot or to prevent escape for an eminent gank


It would seem that the mechanics were specifically designed to allow for shennanigans like this.

Suck it up.


I presume that the author wanted in this way to say that he is attached to the pixels on the screen, for which he paid time spent in the game and money.

So harassment has a personal meaning for him which is understandable and perhaps prosecuted in his country?

Do not be a victim, you can always file a lawsuit because the creators of the games and the publisher are subject to the law, either European or local, and get your rights there.

Uhm, the ‘harassment’ they are talking about is real life. Not in game.

But you know this, already. I harass people by merely existing. When they hunt me, and find out that I really can sit, cloaked, for nine hours, and be at work, like I said, they say I’m an afk cloaker.

That I can do the same thing, even on a weekend, and read a book for 3 hours, play skyrim for 3 more, and come back, and they gave up?

I didn’t make them give up. Nor did I ‘harass’ them by being a hard target. I’m a soft target, but I’m not completely stupid. I can wait you out. Some pvp corps tell me, no, you can’t.

I have. Harassment at its finest?

I don’t actually mine myself, so if I get the terminology wrong please correct me.

But, are you mining from a moon belt in highsec? Specifically, a moon belt created through someone else’s efforts?

I know this happens, as people have asked for advice on these forums as to how to deal with this in highsec. One of the common solutions proposed in these threads is to bump the mining ships.

So, if you are mining, or boosting as you mentioned, in a highsec moon belt you didn’t create…well, bumping is one of the recommended counterplay suggestions for the player(s) who spent the time and effort and isk to create the belt, especially if the “thieves” can’t be war decced.

You didn’t give enough detail in your post, so I’m just tossing this out there in case this scenario applies in your situation.


If you don’t mind looking like a twat.

“Hi I’d like to file a suit against CCP because someone is bumping my spaceship in their sandbox game, one that allows someone to bump my spaceship in order to “disrupt” my gameplay.”

Yeah that’s going to get some giggles and ridicule.


Yes, the law is for smart people, if you ever wanted to check, ask a lawyer

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You don’t need the law then, because going by your idiotic advice to file a harassment suit, you’re far from smart.

Let me put it another way, if you play Football, and someone repeatedly takes the ball from you, are they harassing you, or are they playing the game?

TL;DR When you sign up to play a game you accept the rules of the game.


lol okey dokey then

Outraged Crash to lawyer: I WANT TO SUE CCP!

lawyer: Ok - is that a company?

OC: Yes, they make a video game I play where some people have been mean to me!

Lawyer: A…video game? Ah. What damages have been caused to you?

OC: Well…mental anguish! These people in the game HARASSED me in the game and the game company LET IT HAPPEN!

lawyer: *clickclickclick - It looks like all the players of that Eve Online game you’re wanting to sue agree to certain terms before getting to even play that game…so shall I assume you agreed to those terms as well?


lawyer: Ok…one of the things you agreed to was that any disputes arising from the game would be settled in accordance with Icelandic law…that’s going to be difficult for me and therefor expensive for you, but we can probably work with that…maybe. The biggest problem will be a legal principle called “assumption of risk.” Say you decided of your own free will to play a sport and you get hit by the ball or even hurt during gameplay that is allowed under the rules of the game that you willingly participated in. Suing is going to be pretty difficult.

lawyer: Actually, mr. Outraged…I don’t think you have much of a winnable case here and frankly it’s going to make me look like a hack to even bring it forward to be slapped down as trivial and a waste of the legal system’s time. I won’t take your case, sorry.





You gotta understand, or every higsec carebear that whines that 6-12 months of skills and 200-400mil isk of ship/fitting there’s 10-20 gankers complaining that they can’t ruin another person’s day in 1 mil isk ships and brand new accounts. They have to train a week and spend 2mil on a ship!

So to keep these players from quitting their alpha accounts, CCP allows bumping. Just put up with it with one of the dozens of ways to combat bumping, if you’re actually at your keyboard.

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Meh, it takes effort and effort is offensive nowadays.


To be fair, if they’re ganking in 2 million isk ships, they’re shitty gankers. A T2 fit Catalyst, the weapon of choice for most, costs a fair chunk of change more than 2 million isk.