A Camper near my base

Hey guys,
I have a problem, there’s a camper in Simela (HS 0,5) and surrounding systems (this guy: https://zkillboard.com/character/976646550/ ). Today I’ve witnessed him killing a Drake NI and also the second time when he was a suspect. I usually play when it’s evening so he’s active too.

I want to relocate my base because I’m planning to join a nullsec corp but I would need to fly some ships and haul a lot of things to my second base closer to Jita. Maybe I’m just paranoid but I’m afraid one day he would pop me while mission running or hauling.

Is there a way to safely and completely disappear from that sector with my assets? Or is it better to not panic and just take a break until he decides to go away? Thanks for all your suggestions!

He doesn’t appear to be suicide ganking, just suspect baiting. Don’t shoot him while he is Suspect and you should be fine. Worst case scenario is he shoots your MTU or steals mission loot; the site will reset during downtime and you can continue the mission.

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I never shoot suspects because my ships are PVE so it wouldn’t be wise in case they have a PVP fit. Also I’m just curious, how can you tell he’s just suspect baiting? By the amount of his ship losses? I guess I just read too much about Suicide Ganking and PVP overall today :smiley:

Looking at his kill board, most of his kills are using a Vexor with drones deployed against MTUs, and when he does kill ships (most of whoch aggress him after an MTU kill), he’s using drones for damage - which isn’t typical suicide ganking behavior.

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You are correct, it wouldn’t be wise…yet many still have done it in the last at least 17 years…

Yes. Suicide ganking is suicide because one will lose one’s ship doing it. CONCORD is - now - omnipotent and will blow up ganking ships…after they attack another player. You’ll notice his kills of actual ships are marked “solo” so of course he is not working with somebody else. The Vexor is a nice ship, but I don’t think it puts out enough DPS to destroy those types of targets in high-security space before CONCORD could respond and blow his ship up (about 19-26 seconds in a .5-security system) even if his losses weren’t showing up on z-kill for some reason…

So he’s probably not ganking. You’re probably fine…for now… One never can be 100% safe 100% of the time in EvE.

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Alright thank you very much guys, I guess I’m just overreacting again :smiley: at least now I can safely tell what suicide baiting is!

As a sidenote I would suggest to learn a bit more about the game before making the jump to a nullsec corp.

Many people will tell you that you should do it ASAP but you’re probably better off being able to stand on your own two feet before all that.


I would never ask such a question again on the forums. Every pirate that is worthless now has your name pegged to wall, somewhere, that has the words, “Paranoid”, “Too Trusting” in bright flashy neon pointing to any location or corporation or alliance that you might move to.

That is exactly why the game seems so dead - nobody willing to say anything in local. People afraid to post in forums - because of some imagined possibility of retribution. The OP should keep asking questions.


Well I’ll move to nullsec to see how it’s different from HS. Also I would like to try Wormholes they seem pretty interesting. It’s all about learning and stuff like that.

I’m sure they have more important matters at hand than stalking me. Even if they do, they’re just wasting their precious time :smiley:

As per others he is suspect baiting: Flashy yellow (if your have default colors setups on your overview). So do not shoot at the yellow flashy thing in your overview. As a fellow Suspect Baiter that is what I am hoping for.

Also ignore Dryson. He feels like that because he made himself a target in game. He puts himself into situations where he dies. As a result other gank him because of the lols.


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