Player Harassment

Hey guys. I’m new to the whole forum thing. And before I’m spammed with “thats just part of the game” I need some help. I’ve been playing a bit over 6 months, and the game is really a vice for me. I love it. I had a bit of spare money, and happened to be in Jita. This guy was asking for money to feed starving children, and although it was bull, I sent him 2 mil anyway. Now, he won’t stop harassing me, creating Alts when I block him. Now he’s even paying people to go to war with us and my 5 man crop can’t do anything to Marmite or Goonswarm. It’s killing the game for me. Anyone have any suggestions?

1 Like you showed them you are a nice target. Stop beeing bad sn lern the game and they will stop

Don’t give money to random people.
Don’t keep local chat open in Jita.
Make a “Jita alt”
Drop corp when war decced.

Six months is nothing in the long run.

So first extract whatever SP you can and then:

Start a new character and keep your mouth shut in local. Better yet never open local when spending any time in trade hubs.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

We keep it classy in Dodixie.


I can’t wait to hear the full story here. Because even a glance at the killboard said that there is a lot missing here.


You have to make a name for yourself in this game that is well known both on the forums and in game. If you give someone ISK and they know you they won’t ask a second time.

And for those of you who are paying attention, this is how it looks like when someone is coming to the realization that he will have to stump up the ISK for his mining permit, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Unfortunately for him, CODE. compliance is not only about the ISK, but also about proper player behavior so he still has a long way to go.


Actual harassment, as defined by this game’s TOS, is against the rules, and if this is happening, you can and should report players that are behaving in such a manner. However, there is harassment, and then there is ‘harassment’. It is not against the rules, for example, to sit outside the undock of another player and ‘harass’ them by virtue of either keeping them docked, blowing them up when they come out, or accepting a ransom to get passed you. It is not TOS harassment to simply blow you up, or to wardec you, or to pay others to wardec you. It is not TOS harassment to send someone messages that are gameplay-related or roleplay. It is not TOS harassment to follow you around New Eden and blow you up every time you try to settle into a new system.

It is, however, harassment. As is a squadron of fighters harrying a battleship in World War II, or a U-boat disrupting logistics in the North Atlantic, or a group of marines picking off a larger force of enemies using snipers, traps, and smarts. In fact, ‘harassment campaign’ is a commonly used strategy in asymetrical warfare, employing both psychological and physical tactics to harass an enemy. Psychological warfare is also employed by EVE Online players, usually to no effect but there are a few professionals who get excellent results using it. Such as a friend of mine whom, when we wanted to take a bunch of lowsec moons from a superior-sized corp, managed to convince members of the enemy corp that their corp was trash and ours was better, promising they’d benefit from the moons as much as they do now but with cooler people, effectively resulting in a mass exodus from their corp to ours, completely turning the numbers game to our favour and resulting in not just claiming all the moons we wanted, but a complete and utter disbanding of the opponent corp.

So be careful what you call harassment. Sometimes, it’s legit. The TOS defines what is not.

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damn you killboard looks bad
drop this corp … move into a other area and build a new corp
but … stay in NPC corp for a wile so you cant get a war for a time

you made some very bad friends
contact me ingame if you want to have a chat


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Blocking someone is less effort than making alt. You can block every hour until he will get bored or his last brain cell die.

You have to all leave the 5 man corp and together reform corp and join bigger null alliance. You will get protection in this way: there will be people who know PvP and will hunt goons and marmite, to wardec you will be a pain because they would be in war with whole alliance, in null, a hostile territory for them. Only thing is you would have to go to null.

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Actually a couple of things you list there are harassment. If you make reasonable effort to get away from someone and they long term stalk you, that’s even given as a specific example of harassment.
Sure camping you in to a station for a day doesn’t count nor would moving next door. But prolonged long distance campaigns do.


No, actually, they don’t. If your objective is to destroy a corp, and they move away from you, you have to follow them to achieve that objective. While that is, by definition, harassment, it’s not a TOS violation. While I’m sure there are some examples of this being TOS violations, every case has to be considered on its context, because context matters. The purpose of this game is to give players free reign. Keep that in mind.

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marmite are doing what they were paid for, so id recomend against mouthing off on them, that will snowball on you.

however if you know what the main of lad thats paying them then theres plenty you can do.

id think about looking for other mercs to go ruin his cupcakes, my money would go to Break-A-Wish Foundation were i not the sort to handle it myself.

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The right forum section to ask this is Crime & Punishment.

When you think it’s actual harassment then raise a ticket with support.

When you think this is still just gameplay-related then dodge them, don’t talk back, don’t beg for their understanding, don’t mouth off or make threats you cannot deliver on. Walk away from it. Anything you do at this point will be seen by some players as their personal entertainment and they’ll try to press every button they can to get another tune from you. Don’t expect everyone in this game to like you, because not everyone will.

Find a corporation, join them and team up. Help the corp and the corp will help you. The bigger the better.

Remind yourself that this is a sandbox PvP game. Anything that a player can think of has happened before and will happen again. For some the goal in EVE is to be the worst they can be, for others it’s a test of how good they can be. And anything in-between, above, beyond and below…

I do need to point out though.

The OP has a point. If he makes an effort to block a person because of XYZ and the offender creates alts to contact the person bypassing the block. You can get a warning if reported. Happened to me… (i know right?.. ME)

Wardecs and so… being killed is not a re portable offense.

All you (the OP) really did there with the loot pinata of yours though is make me put you on my list to watch for future wardecs.


Agreed, never had much trouble in Dod, Jita… i try to avoid that place like te plague.

Only go there if i need… things… :joy:

The creation of alt accounts to circumvent blocking certainly sounds like harassment to me.

I’d report it to the GMs. Maybe whoever is doing it is dumb enough to have the alpha accounts associated to their main account in some way. I doubt it though, that’s usually the first thing a seasoned spy eve player would do.


The best advice given if you are new is to drop corp when war decced. It says a big “eat a dick” to war dec harassers.
Also if your ceo has a problem with it, it shows hes an idiot.

OP first of all don’t go to Crime and Punishment and post there, that will make you a bigger target to the belligerent undesirables, and I say that in the nicest way possible :stuck_out_tongue: . Also don’t post in General Discussion either if you are not able to PvP, look at what just happened.

This game is based on people looking for easy targets and you look like one hell of an easy target, so now we will find out if this game is really for you. Contact me in game and I will give you some advice on how to play in this fun environment, if you can develop your situation after coming to the notice of this lot then you will have won Eve. That is your challenge, are you up to it?

The gank by Goons is just normal business, the war dec could be this guy paying for it or that you came to the notice of them due to the Orca. The plonker who is doing the alpha alts might be claiming this to put pressure on you personally and likely has nothing to do with either.

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