We need Jita local moderation

Please just put 1 ISD into Jita local, last night it got extremely out of hand, in years of playing I never seen it so bad.

A bunch of people got severely out of control, between the Real Life physical harm threats, rape threats, racist speech, antisemitic speech, and extremely vulgar sexual speech.

This went on by about 6 people for nearly 2 HOURS.

I also put a petition in but I beg CCP/PA to put someone in jita during hi population times to moderate chat if it gets to severe eula breaking


If there were RL threats report them, coming here after the fact is a waste of everyone’s time.


I very much disagree, I think if enough people ask for it, they will take action and put some type of way to moderate jita local, it was just insane last night

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There is already a current thread on the topic, started by CCP. It tells you to do exactly what I just said.

Stop being “special” and pay attention.


I usually block everyone that talks/posts in Jita local out of habit each time I visit.
It helps to get rid of the constant spammers.

CCP, we need a Fig leaf button to overlap the local chat.

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OP, you said you were going to quit anyway, so why do you care?

Jita local is a slimehole in any case. Ignoring it is best.

Or are you wanting your scam contracts to have less competition again…until you quit the game, of course.

Please file a support ticket reporting These individuals in the future. Closed.