A new low for jita local

just when you thought the chat couldnt get worse, multiple people mass spamming this message.

hows is this even allowed, i reported it but jees,

[13:08:59] (name removed) > Hello, friends!
I am a Ukrainian refugee.
My house was destroyed as a result of the war by the evil dictator Putin.
The factory where I worked was also destroyed.
I have nothing left but this game and you, caring friends.
I’m going to renew my subscription.
I need ISK, PLEX, or any other donation that won’t bother you.
Please help me in any way you can.
Thank you very much!


He needs isk and plex.

Not food, nor water, nor shelter. And somehow still has internet connection…

Pretty wacked priorities, if I say so myself.

Maybe you can offer him this: putting the Ukrainian flag in your bio.


You should help this guy, not complain here.

just another scammer block the character

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Jita local never ceases to d̶i̶s̶a̶p̶p̶o̶i̶n̶t̶ entertain.

Imagine the plot twist if he was actually Russian. :sweat_smile:


Ah, the good ol days of Eve Online when it truly was a dark and dangerous game. Where you expected to be offended and scammed by everyone and everything and you had to learn the game on your own, or be sorted out with the other chaff that weren’t capable of keeping up.

I really miss those days.



There’s more chance of the Abominable Snowman showing up alive and well in Hyde Park than there is of anything worth reading ever showing up in Jita local chat.

Reading Jita is like reading a newspaper stuck to a window of a passing high speed rail train whilst you stand at the station.

Can we please have a “slow mo” mode for chat?


Alternatively how about for each post in Jita local one has to pay a fee of 1 million ISK or maybe 10 or whatever that fits. :smirk:


300 baud modems were perfect for this.

Another strong argument why EVE local is a mistake.


Seems lgit to me

Thank you for the laugh :smiley:

You read Jita local ?

I bought a stabber on contract as a fleet issue. made a ticket & the gm basically laughed at me. they were the days/

Don’t see that happening yeti :wink:

Local is just the tab you click once after you were in Jita and are now back in your wormhole, to make the blink go away.

I don’t have a problem with people scamming people or taking advantage of people in the game if it’s not taking advantage of a real world situation in this case the person should get banned for doing that