Please stop theJita Local Scam Trash

Look i know we can block people but this stuff just makes the game look so trashy, every single post in local is a scam post.

What impression do you think this gives new players coming into the game? I cant believe after 20 years this just horrible view of the game still exists. Its just awful…

Yes its hard to police due to alts etc I get that, but fix contracts so they cant be manipulated in such a way.

People are asking for chat filters that remove all these hypernet, contract, referral spam links… for years. CCP doesn’t even respond. So good luck!


For now, only indiscriminate blocking helps. Just like on Facebook, Xitter (X pronounced xsh) and other social activities. Blocking is your best friend everywhere, hence I don’t see this trash chat situation as a massive problem in EVE.

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But I get that and ive stated this, but the impression on new players is not what we should be advertising in a place where we want more people to stay.
Hey join a game where immediately youre going to get scammed… cmon…

The first mistake was saying “go hang out in Jita” to a new player.

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On top of what others have said you should diversify. Dont have local and corp be the only channel you are in. Find a channel that works for you or dont :slight_smile:

Jita-specific rule for players:
1 message per 60sec

You think Jita is bad??

You seen Warframe trade chat right?!

Think Warframe trade chat like Jita on steroids x100.

100 messages probably every 10 seconds.

What kind of lunatic has local open?


Or READS Jita local??!

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You realize CCP encourages scams right? Thats why nothing will happen about it. Go read the newcomers section of the forum. Its there, plain as day.

Scams in MMOs? I never heard of such a thing! :astonished:

Point of fact is all MMOs have a wide variety of scams. One of the earliest I ran into was a trade scam in the original Guild Wars game. People went to the trade hub Kamadan and traded in “Ectos” instead of gold or platinum. Ectos were higher value and were used when you could not hold it in platinum. Unfortunately scammers quickly figured out the ecto icon was also used for a more common item. They would make the trade for valuables and, if the traders were too quick to click, they wouldn’t notice the 100 ectos was actually worthless tokens.

I know it is too easy to site all the scams in online games. It doesn’t help when the developers allow the scamming to continue for years on end. Developers build a shield, and the scammer makes a better club, the developers build better armor, and scammers build a gun… and so it goes.

Awarness is the key factor to ending all the scams.

Be alert and
Fly safe o7

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