What benefits does CCP receive from allowing Jita Scamming Spam?

This is not a debate on scamming.

This is a question put out there, for a general answer. Does repeated scam spams benefit CCP in any manner? Not talking about scamming here, specifically the Scamming Spam, that is repeated over and over every minute or 30 seconds for hours.

Do you think Jita, Dodixie, Amarr, and Rens need to have some sort of cool down between chats, much like the free to plays of the past had to wait so long before posting again?

In my opinion, I don’t feel that the scamming spams benefit CCP in any manner, and if something doesn’t help you, you destroy it or limit it. Beer, drugs, “Women” haha. But seriously.

I wouldn’t mind some 5 minute cool down timer between chats in trade hub locals, to slow things down. If you have to put out a message, or you see something you want from another person, you can just mail them, or private convo them.

Jita spamming is about the last vestige of the "harsh, cold " universe that was the original selling point of EVE. Now that you can buy skills, isk, safety, etc - it would not be good to remove scam spam, even though it serves no useful purpose.

Mr Bernstein :sunglasses:

The scamming is fine.
The spamming is annoying, disruptive and bot-enabling.

I dont think CCP gains or losses, either way, on Jita scam spamming.
Probably creates futile tickets from players pissed at being scammed though.

Since it is prevalent only in one system, and you can just ignore Local, its not worth developer time to do anything about.

Even a 1min timer between messages (or identical messages) in Local wouldnt help, as the whole slew of scam span would just cycle once per minute, and players can make alts to scam spam some more.


Just completely ignore Jita spam.
They are ALL scams.

There are no scams in Jita, all offers are 123% legit. :wink:


Caveat emptor.

You cannot stop someone to type in local

You can block them though. :wink:

(My thief alt’s Jita local is clean, I keep those sc/pammers who don’t overdo it because they are part of the local atmosphere, I especially like the 1 mil Gecko offers in my Jita local, always make me smile, and some others, but block those who post worthless junk / too frequently, but the usual sp/cam I have no issue with.)

They gain the resources they would otherwise have to use to police any policy about such matters. They also gain the advertising of being ‘that game where you can scam other players’. That said they do lose the GM time spent dealing with people who got scammed. It’s not a straightforward calculation but my guess would be that point 2 is the reason and they want to maintain that ‘culture’ in eve.

Why do you read the Intel thingy?
The useful collum is the one on the right :wink:

They would have looked into this, if the most proliferate spammers weren’t in reality dev alts

It benefits CCP in so far that it gets the scam spamming players to login and to play the game the way they want to. It would then cause CCP extra effort if they wanted to get rid of them. For the players it’s as simple as not looking at local chat when in Jita or to take amusement out of it. For any victim to those scams it’s a valuable lesson to have learned.

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Scamming benefits CCP in that they profit from a sandbox game where famously you can do pretty much whatever you want. This is a great selling point for EvE and most of us prefer it that way.

i dont know if or if not CCP benefit from scamm spam … hmm … how would they but you never know … i dont care too much about that


i really like reading the spam … for my opinion its funny to see it … sometimes i write somethign too … just for fun … and … few times i bought something after checking the price of corse … there are allways guys who sell stuff and miss a 0 … you can buy stuff for 2.4 bill for 240 mill … was really funny … the guy wanted it back … rofl … orca for 89 mill? yea was good too … had already 3 … sold it for 800 mill …

a guy wanted to sell a gecko for a bill (that was the scam) but he forgot to accept his own 1 mill contract … gecko for a mill? YEA!! this guy was angry … ha ha …

so its not that bad at all … there are allways contracts with wrong price arround … scammers who misstyped the price … guys who unplaned include really nice stuff in a scam contract or other stuff like that …

i like scam spam … really!

you can delay it or do what you want but in the end they will spam as long as they have a local chat window



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