Remove Local Chat

I think it’s about time CCP did more about the isk spammers in high-sec and remove local chats from the four trade hub systems, keep the members list just remove the chat.

Plus this will also save new players not getting scammed by the dud contracts veterans post everyday because they are to lazy to make isk by playing the game.

Scamming new players will ruin the experience and impression they will get from the game.

I don’t know about you guys but i want new players to enjoy the game, not get turned away and look else where.

Isn’t scamming like the second major thing that brings outside attention to Eve, after the big nulls wars? News of big scams leaks out into the wider gaming media, even the mainstream and is a core part of the game.

Scammers gotta learn there trade somewhere so why would you want to do anything to stop that? Not that deleting local chat would do much in my opinion.

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I thought the charm of EVE was that these scammers are accepted as part of the ruthless EVE universe. It was one of the things that drew me to the game, a universe where pretty much anything is allowed including killing others in ‘safe areas’ and scamming them. A universe where I had to rely on my own brains to survive, and seeing those ISK spammers in local is a lot less annoying for me than seeing them in games where it isn’t allowed, but they do it anyway.

Because you’re not going to stop scammers from scamming, even with heavy moderation. Why not include them in your game lore instead?

Either way, your proposed change for local (remove chat, keep member list) is the opposite of what I would suggest for local (keep chat, remove member list), but I guess that’s a different topic.

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This is a good thing though. It teaches them that EVE is not like your usual baby pampering handholding amusement fun park game.

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I agree, and CCP should give us a decent IFF ( Identification, friend or foe) tool.

As others have said, this is part of the game and CCP has made that clear in blog posts (although they could make it clear to new players joining the game who don’t read blog posts).

They intend on EVE having a “lawless” wild-west feel to it where players are only held accountable by other players.

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