Jita local spam

Please, add cooldown for posting in Jita local chat per player.
Cooldown time - 60sec.
Now I’m seeing how one guy is posting like one message per 1-2sec! (hypernet mostly).
Not questioning him - why he is doing this (because he can!) - I am questioning YOU, CCP, why you are allowing this chaotic situation of things?
Very not pro :((


On the rare occasions I’m in Jita I do find it a nuisance. Sometimes I’d like to just read the salty exchanges I’m sure take place there.

Those who spend all or most of their time in Jita must have a great deal of patience. Perhaps they are the kind of people who ignore chat features anyway and focus only on what they themselves are doing.

It might help me if there were two Jita chat windows; one for ads and the other for general convos. Private convos must still be a thing, of course, but you’re unlikely to start one of those if you can’t chase the original comment because of the wretched adverts!

Block and ignore.

How would that change things? These spammers want maximum exposure for their ads. They would just post them in both channels. Locking posts behind a 60 seconds cooldown would hinder other conversations.

Sure, if there was even a modicum of automation to block repeat posters and their alts.

Start handing out bans and change will happen very fast.

That is the problem, there is very little in the way of ‘other’ conversations due to the low value of the chat which is directly caused by the high volume of spam.

I think you confuse me with someone lacking foresight, Dyver. It is obvious that some means of compelling advertisers to use a particular channel must be devised. That is not my concern. It is clear that the idea would not work as the system is currently implemented.

I would simply welcome the option to choose when or how I wanted to access what the thread title has called ‘spam’. Spam filters exist in other settings; why not here?

Thanks anyway for prompting me to give the matter further thought.

The spam can be reduced significantly by blocking chars. Alt detection is difficult because the spammers simply recycle chars every other week.

Spam prevention has been tried in the past, and it blocked more legit people from posting and chatting than it bothered spammers. You just had to write the wrong words or chat a bit too quickly and the system triggered you into a forced break.

You read local? Wow, nothing of any importance ever been posted to Local in the History of EvE, from anywhere in New Eden.

It’s a list of who is in system. Nothing more. The sooner you realize that the happier and safer from scammers you’ll be.

And what did YOU to change that and make a Jita local better place?
Your answer is - “just ignore”.
I’d like to see more civilized solution from CCP here. Do you?

Tell me, when you’re walking through a public place, like a store or down a public street, do you walk up to everyone and confront them when you eavesdrop on something you don’t like, or do you ignore it and walk along like a civilized person?

Just ignore it is a valid option, and one that adults use in every aspect of their daily lives.