Limit Postings In Jita Local by Force

CCP would you please limit the number of posts a toon can make in Jita Local in a set period of time? Every time I leave Jita I have to “Clear All Content”, like scraping Dog $#!T off the bottom of my shoes.

Perhaps limit it to 10 posts in the first 10 minutes and then only 6 posts per hour after that. No one holds real conversations in Jita local anyway. It’s impossible to do so even if you’d wanted too.

And the way to enforce this is not to bar a player from posting. What you want to do is after the N+1 post above the limit, you eject them in their ship 15 KM off of undock already flagged as a criminal.

And then if they get podded send them to the a random base 50+ jumps away regardless of where their med clone is located.

Just stop looking at it. The only thing useful about the Local window is the list of pilots, push the rest of it offscreen.

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I do all the time, a lot of people do. If you were capable of solving your own problems like an adult you would know this.

CCP includes a block feature with each copy of the game at no extra charge.



FYI, some pilots use local to create content and/or make friends. Now, don’t get me wrong, I respect the hustle, and I’m not sure what should be done (if anything). But I do think it’s a shame that there is that many people in one system, and they can’t use local to create content or socialize because it’s being inundated with spam.
No P2W

its only inundated with spam if you haven’t blocked the ones spamming


As others pointed out just block the spammers and it becomes a non-issue. Besides the kind capsuleers in Jita local sell you cheap 1 mil geckos and double your ISK so not sure why the complaint, you can become space rich in a matter of minutes all thanks to the generous people in Jita local. :wink:

“Just block the spammers”

Ok. I’d like to see you block all the jita spammers then return here and post proof you have done so.

Go on…

I’ve said for some time, let me filter messages that contain links. Not filter and replace, just filter.

its really not hard, once you have gone through the bulk its only a handful each time you go back and want to be bothered with it.

At the same time you could just do what 90% of eve players do and expand the player names over the entirety of the chat section on the local window.

You don’t seem to have posted proof you’ve blocked all the spammers in jita. Why is that?

LOL at no extra charge baby!

I mean I would argue they are creating their own content just because you don’t like that gameplay doesnt mean it needs to go

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