Lack of "moderation" Jita

the chat in jita has been getting out of hand more so than usual. im seeing isk seller, people spamming n word, all types 1 m sp link, some virus links too.

reporting anything gets a auto copy paste reply.

have they straight up given up ?


Oh yeah. At least a decade ago.

I remember Chribba posting a fuckton of Jita chats chock full of racist filth. Totally shamed CCP.

And CCP did exactly dick to fix it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Why bother even having jita local open anyway? It’s kind of like jumping in a sewage pond then complaining that it stinks.


The constant spam also generates extra client lag (maybe only for lower end computers dunno) so that is another reason to have it closed. :thinking:

If I don’t have Jita local open, how will anyone see my beautiful face?

Uh-huh…sure… Welcome to the internet, boomerpeen. If you think you can police everything unsavory people say just in online games - much less the internet at large - you’re…very naive.

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He has a very strong moral compass. They should definitely make him a Game Master. He would really clean up this filthy dump.

Be careful what you ask for (even if just sarcastically) because you might just get it. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

This happens with ALL the online game chat in trade hubs. Moderation cannot help it. You have at any given time the flow of spam and toxic hate in these trade hubs. When you go to somewhere populated but not a trade hub, good luck starting up a conversation, as people there will be busy doing their own thing.

This is why I don’t bother with local chat in most MMOs at all. I stick with corp/guild/group chat or turn it off completely. Eve Online seems to pop it back open, whenever I minimize it. Many times I will just make up a dead chat channel of my own or join a dead group to avoid the distraction.

ISD chat moderators AFAIK are volunteers and probably not employed by CCP. If they do get an allowance for services, then it is most likely paid by the issue solved, similar to a help desk. And we all know how well help desks work.

Best they could do is to give us the option - for those that want to - to simply block all messages from local chat.

Use a filter so words like ■■■■, ■■■■, ■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■■■■, and the like get the same treatment in chat that they get here. Oddly enough, the n word is not included in the words I just wrote as it doesn’t trip the bad word filter. Curious.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


There was a posting on the Apex forums where the user claimed he owned the “n word” because he is African American. He got perma-banned from the game for using it and wanted to get his account back. Another user came in and told him, nobody has the right to words, and yet another African American user told him it is disgraceful for anyone to use the n word no matter how they spell it or say it. Something tells me he won’t be getting that account back anytime soon. Apex is an EA game, if you use anything just once they deem “wrong” you get the perma-ban. I don’t use chat on anything owned by EA.

Local in Jita? :rofl:
Local anywhere doesn’t interest me. I don’t even have Local maximized 99% of the time and I would have Local closed if it had a Close button :smile:

But get this: Can’t close Local but the window disapears once in while because there’s a bug.
EVE is the strangest game I ever played and I don’t mean it in a nice way.

Rule 1 of Jita Local: You don’t talk about Jita Local.

Rule 2 of Jita Local (and the Internet in general): You never, ever, ever click on links you didn’t solicit on your own.

Rule 3 of Jita Local: You don’t talk about Jita Local.

No, but really, they’re all just Hilmar posting on hundreds of alts trying to get us all to do NFT crap.

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NFT"S in a nutshell

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Jita local needs to do something about all the spam tbh, at least make the spam bots not completely ruin local or maybe ban them like you should.

I don’t have much issue with the freedom of local chat. I do have a very long block list. I would like to see more “tools” other than blocking a person or a word.

  • Since I don’t play Hypernet, I would like the ability to block postings that have links to Hypernet offers.
  • I would like to block postings that run greater than (X number) of characters long.
  • I would like to block postings having words on my block word list.

That would make local chat very quiet for me, but not upset those who enjoy the spam. Most of the time I spend in Jita, is done using my corp chat.

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You treat Jita Local as you do any nullsec Local: you narrow it so you can’t see it, and keep an eye out for baddies.

I have more of an issue with “1M FREE SP” spambots in the Corp Chat of NPC corporations that house the rookies when they start out.


What, do you mean ruin the silence that reigns in all other locals?

Want moderation? Call Safety.