Lack of "moderation" Jita

Are you comparing the literal most populated system in eve to the silence of a nulsec system? wtf

Have you tried treating blocking as a mini-game?


What made you say that? Dont you fly in High Sec at all?

Regardless, if it silence you want there’s plenty of other Locals, in any space you like.

Good to see you’re back !

Thanks! Glad to see you are still around :slight_smile:

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Yup, still having fun in EvE while ignoring Jita local :wink:


It’s thanks to one of those spambots I got my 1M SP. I had no idea I could have that. So, as usual, a nuisance for some can be useful to others.

I never cared much about Jita’s chat spam. Eventually you completely avoid it, or unconsciously filter almost everything out, just like what people have learnt to do with website ads, etc.

Having said that, if someone forced me to take action and alter the status quo, I would not even spend 10 minutes trying to come up with a solution which would fully work and keep every party happy … I would simply get Jita local disabled instead, and that’s it. Problem gone.

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