What I experienced on proving ground event(continuing)

It’s actually an isk font, there is a lot of insurance payouts and then there is the red loot.

It is an effective material sink though. Lots of ships, mods, boosters and implants going boom. Some rounds everything that enters is removed save the insurance payout.

I still don’t understand why people don’t think it has any consequences though. I’m certainly poorer than I was before it was launched and others are clearly richer. Module and ship prices have risen. Consequences.

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To be fair there are consquences; but all consequences of instanced content for the actual game are all of one flavour; bad.

Would you do it if the whole cycle of this content was seperate from EvE’s actual ecosystem? That what ever it is you win or lose was spererate from the market?

Your answer may suprise me.

No… he cannot enjoy instanced PVP because of PVP. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, let me get this straight - you are saying that the destruction of materials gathered and produced by the industrialists of Eve - is a bad consequence. I don’t agree.

To answer your question, I don’t think I would enjoy the proving grounds as much if I didn’t have to provide and loose ships. I don’t use sisi very often for this very reason.

No, thats not what I am saying. If thats what I am saying, thats what I would have written.

Interesting answer but its not strictly getting to the point.

If you earned ships through the arena, and lost access through losses, but there was no isk or material transfer to the EvE Market, would you play it?

Nice gameplay, and I hope CCP doesn’t change their mind on that. Every single kind of disruption to this perversion is welcome.

Maybe - I’m not sure. I definitely prefer how it is.

But you said:

Except the destruction of materials is one of the consequences. You can’t have it both ways.

Fair dos.

Then I concede that, and make my position that material destroyed in an instance are less relevent than in the actual game.

Im not about to change my mind that instances are bad though based on that.

If the only thing they did was grind up ships, then they would be at best neutral.

And I presume its because your accumulating cannot be affected by the actual game?

If not, then whatever it is that makes it attractive is not apparent to me.

But yes, safe accumulation is the primary objection to instanced dungeons.

And we are back to “but I risk my ship, its not safe”.

And its circular.

It’s has been determined that the OP is just as pathetic as the losers doing this to him. Yes instanced PVP is probably terrible, but how sad do you have to be to care enough about a leaderboard to follow a guy around for a few days to keep him from queuing?

Also I’m not surprised to see that a CCP GM can’t connect the dots and see how this is different than other forms of PVP and suicide ganking.

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What CCP means by that is “go away and stop bugging us”. Because they don’t read the forums.

This is why i play eve.

Well played folks.

It’s not about leaderboards. There are prizes both in and out of game for the top five spots. Frigate Gun was threatening Gorski Car for 5th place (and a $50 gift card). While Gorski Car was grinding to get ahead, we were eliminating any chance his competitiors had of catching up.

Sorry, you lost me. What do you think I am accumulating in this PvP arena?

This thread is funny.

This instanced filament garbage was introduced, but it was supposed to be acceptable because they still had to undock and activate the filament in the main Eve universe… Never mind that trying to jump a guy before he activated his filament is almost impossible.

Now there is somebody who is so bad at Eve that some guys are actually managing to interfere with his filament activation. Rather than laughing at how inept this guy is, people are taking him seriously - as if this were some sort of exploit. What’s next? Activating filaments from inside the station?



Stop giving them ideas. :no_mouth:

Easy solution: use a jump clone, work from another system than Jita. Have ships and w/e you need courier contracted out to a few locations with clones.

Just out of curiosity, do pilots that are ranked above OP have this same “experience” with distracting attacks (and consequently making it tough to reach the proving grounds) ?

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Once you activate the proving ground filament you sit in space waiting for your turn. I’m not sure why you think it would be had to scan them down.


First these people have to figure our what system you are in. They have to know you are online. Then they have to be present when you activate the filament.

This is only a problem because the guy doesn’t want to bother with the inconvenience of activating the filament from a system that doesn’t have a market hub.


But, doesn’t it become problem when they use locator and follow them to the end of the universe??
I think it can be at least excessive content disruption act.
Similarly, continuous bumping freighter is now blocked, isn’t it?

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