Events and "The Agency"

(Stew Muldonian) #1


I have been playing EVE for nearly 9 years and at present I have 13 characters spread over 6 accounts and I enjoy EVE, I enjoy the fact that I can play it the way I want to within the confines of the Corp and alliance I am part of.

As of Monday 17th July the status of these accounts was as follows:-

2 accounts PLEX’d
2 accounts funded
1 account in Alpha about to be funded
1 account in Alpha from the beginning until the character is/was fully trained.

That was until Tuesday the 18th July when EVE/CCP decided to try and manipulate my and all of your game play and by this I mean the following:-

On the character selection screen they placed what I can only describe as a pointer to an event called “The Agency”, something I would never and will never be interested in just like I was not interested in any of the other events.

Next I log into one of my characters and there is “The Agency” shoved in my face again on the main play screen, so I right click and minimise, then I notice “The Agency” icon on the quick selection bar which I right click and remove. Then I undock from the station and there it is again all over my game screen in my face, there is no “opt out” button, no “do not show this again ever” button. Just a blatant attempt by EVE, CCP and the devs to direct my game play in a direction that I do not want to go.

I have not logged into any of my accounts since that Tuesday and will not do so until I get a proper response from somebody just to let me know why we do not have the option to opt out.

At the end of the day not only am I an EVE player but I am also a CCP customer or was.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #2

Events over so you are in the clear. That said, if you found the event intrusive, you may be in for a world of hurt. A lot of things I life tend to be intrusive. Like the darn robo call advertising how I could be scammed out of money by switching my electric bill.

If it bothers you, provide feedback in the agency thread.

(Do Little) #3

The Agency is a follow-on from the Scope network in last years Shadow of the Serpent event. It is expected to be one of the main delivery vehicles for PVE content going forward.

In game, the agency can be minimized to a tiny icon at the top left of your screen - same as system info and route information. If that gets your blood boiling it’s time to discuss beta blockers with your doctor!

On the login screen it wouldn’t stay minimized for me - hopefully that’s a bug they’ll fix in the next iteration.

(yellow parasol) #4

Mate, thank you for your protest. it is appreciated. o7

They shove everything in everyone’s face, only caring for triggering the instinct driven crowd. it’s offensive.

(Stew Muldonian) #5

@ Lady Ayeispia, thank you for your reply,

Life is a game of association and dis-association and the things that produce a “world of hurt” I dis-associate from because I dis-associate from negativity and associate with positivity. As for your electricity bill, I can help with that if you live in the UK.

At the end of the day there are many instances throughout the game where we are all give the option to stop seeing a recurring notification. My question is why can they not do the same with these events.

(Stew Muldonian) #6

@ Do Little, thank you for your reply.

As a paying customer I want to play EVE the way I want to play EVE and that means I am not interested in events such as the ones you have mentioned and the ones being shoved in my face.

As stated in my original post I already knew I could remove the quick selection icon and I already knew that I could right click the icon at the top of the screen, but thank you for pointing this out again.

My point is as with my previous reply, there are many instances throughout the game where we are all give the option to stop seeing a recurring notification. Why can they not put an opt out button on the character selection screen.

We all no they can do this as the redeem items bar disappears when any items have been redeemed.

It is as simple as a “select or unselect check box” issue sorted, but EVE/CCP will not do this as they want us to play their way in a game they describe as a sandbox, go figure.

(Do Little) #7

I’m also a paying customer and there are aspects of the user interface I don’t like. In my case, I’m sensitive to flicker and find the billboards extremely annoying.

but there are a lot of things I do like about the game so I looked for and found an acceptable workaround - thank god for “outside view”!

The developers are going to make choices we disagree with. It’s up to us to decide whether the things we like about the game outweigh those we don’t.

(Stew Muldonian) #8

@ Do Little

I agree with everything you have said and have also found “workarounds” to the aspects of the game that challenge me. i.e. the planetary custom offices closing by them selves or the really annoying ship movement when in station or as with you the horrible billboards (especially the ones inside stations).

Unfortunately there is no workaround to having an event appear in the top right of your character selection screen, it is there whether you like it or not and cannot be removed. As stated previously an option to opt out of these events could be set up so that those who do not want to participate in them can avoid them.

Again you are right about the developers they are going to make choices for us, however their choices are based on us all playing the game the way they do and we all play the game our way as we are entitled to do.

Unfortunately for me the only work around I have is to discontinue playing the game which is my choice and a saving of 6 x £9.99 for me, which is also a lose for CCP. This will only effect a few people in game, primarily those whose Corp and Alliance I was part of.

I am also pretty sure EVE/CCP will not miss me and neither will the vast number of other players as most have never had any contact with me and probably would not care one way or the other.

So to you and those who knew me fly safe to everybody else, enjoy EVE.