On login dashboard, decrease time spent docked and awareness of upcoming event

Currently, the agency opens on login, it shows nothing but a static page.
Catching up on what has happened since my last log in, takes looking at a dozen windows.

Let’s change that by giving the player a quick TLDR of what happened since their last login and what is coming up.

Show me:
How much sold, if my PI is done, title and sender of any eve mails, any structure notifications, corp apps, manufacturing notifications, events that are live, deliveries and contracts assigned, new/upcoming calendar events.

The main aim is to get players engaged with the game and to quickly decide what they would like to do in this play session.

An alliance mate kindly made a mock-up, though IMO the UI would be a lot less text and more at a glance information.


Once you log in, any event window/agency you can disable at the bottom right of the window. So when you turn eve on again during the event, the windows wont open and the agency wont open again either

Aa far as evemails etc those should pop up under your notification icons unless you disabled them.

Some of that information could be shown when you hit character selection as well. Personally, I’d like to know if any of my characters have outstanding missions or if I’ve done my daily challenge(s) on those characters before I enter the game.

Well, I see your point, but wouldn’t making players actually log in and check stuff be better for the game? They get distracted by other things and BAM, conntent for everyone else!

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It’s a quality of life thing. I’ve got 15 characters I cycle through, and I know there are people who have many more.

When I run through dailies… I sometimes forget if I’ve logged into a character yet or not… which ends up costing me a ton of extra time. At 4 minutes per character, it already takes an hour to run through all of them. And usually I spend more time on some than others… so on average it’s at least 2 hours just do crush the daily challenges.

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