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(Stew Muldonian) #1

I have been playing EVE off and on for over 8 years and have 13 characters spread over 6 accounts, none of these toons are cyno toons and I logged onto them all on a regular basis.

That is until the middle of June when CCP created ‘The Agency’ which, as far as I can see, is a good thing if you like events and probably has thousands of participants.

However I personally do not or vary rarely take part in any of the events, which is my choice, but to have it shoved in my face on the player selection screen every time I login, with no way of removing, it is not what I pay for and something I see as an attempt to manipulate my game play.

CCP have the ability to put a tick in a box beside a statement saying ‘Do not show this again’, something they can easily do and have done throughout the game for various reasons and in various aspects of the game but in this case have not done. They have proved that they have the ability to manipulate the player selection screen as every time they give us gifts those gifts appear in a bar at the bottom of the screen which disappears immediately after the gifts have been redeemed.

This (in my opinion), ‘oversight’, has meant that I have not logged into game for any length of time on any of my toons and probably will not do so as I do not want to see the Agency in the top right corner of my character selection screens. This in turn means that all of my accounts are now Alpha accounts and not generating any income for CCP at all and are unlikely to do so whilst I feel that I am being directed towards a certain style of game play.

All I ask for is the option to put a tick in a box which will stop the agency showing on my character selection screen.


Stew Muldonian

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

You can click the Agency Icon on the top left, just above the name of the system you are at, that should hide it and keep it hidden

Now as for character select… Dunno.

(Stew Muldonian) #3

Thank you for pointing that out.

However I already knew that, as I already know that you can right click the shield on the quick selection bar and remove it.

My point is that, as with everything, CCP have decided to try and manipulate every player into running the agency events by putting something in our faces that I in particular do not want and have no way of removing or hiding.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #4

I mean some of the events are not of my concern as well, and in the character select, at least to me, is so tucked to the right that I don’t bother glancing at it after I did the first time just to check if its interesting to me. Its an option and nothing forcing you to just do it, its just saying “event underway”. Try playing any mobile game and you will see what having events shoved on your face feels like :joy:

(Giddy McFee) #5

So you have not logged into game on any of those toons ONLY because it will show the agency thing on the screens that you do not want to participate in?

I’ll admit I find that slightly odd behaviour. Yes a “don’t show again” option would be handy but really you’re an adult (I assume), surely you can just ignore that text at the side of the screen and move on, you are in no way forced to participate in anything (as I don’t participate either).

Do you complain about advertisements in the street because they are always there and shoved in your face. Do you avoid walking down those street because of that?

(yellow parasol) #6

What i don’t understand, is why it matters for the two seconds you spend on the selection screen.

I understand that it is throwing off people who are used to the looks, but we are talking about one or two seconds here.

Literally seconds. You spend more time posting, than going through a couple dozen selections…

(Varcolac Corvinus) #7

As a player of 3 days…I got a nasty shock selecting “The Agency” mission. I just figured it was one of the many newby training missions for us. Hell, I went in with $1B ISK worth of my best everything only to get wasted by a sleeper cell…thanks for that!
Why are these things available for rookies to enter?

(yellow parasol) #8

Why would you stupidly put all you have on the line, a whole billion, entering into a site you don’t know about? how does that make sense to you in the first place?

three days old, a billion isk… :roll_eyes:

(Arcanith Lionheart) #9

3 days

1 billion

(yellow parasol) #10

Nah, could have just bought plex. The real issue is that, for some reason, he thought it’s a smart idea to fly around with that.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #11

For that to happen in 3 days, it must have either a very expensive destroyer/cruiser, expensive modules, a crap ton of skill injectors.

Huh, just goes to show that skill point really do mean squat when you know nothing about flying a ship

(yellow parasol) #12

I don’t know if anyone keeps track, but in the history of this game, there always have been smarts who bought characters with lots of SP, and then used them to stupidky lose blingy ships… often enough to other players. Usually the angry, loud mouthing type. (not referring to the guy above, he seems well behaved)

(Rowdy Ronny) #13

Because they loose a Venture (250 000 ISK) at best, then get a free starter ship to get some ISK to replace their ship. You should have gotten used to loosing ships from the new tutorial, right?

(Varcolac Corvinus) #14

Oops, my bad folks. I meant $1M ISK. It was still a lot to me at the time :smiley: sorry for the confusion.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #15

Ah, nothing too big then, you get that in no time! We learn with explosions anyway :slight_smile:

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