Can we please move the event/ad screen on character login to account login, or have a checkbox to just not see it?

I have had the in-game event window appear over my characters in space on login several times now, and I’m finally to the point I will come here and ask for it to be moved or removed.

It has caused me to nearly lose 2 of my toons as it was in the way.

Please move these event ads to the login screen, or give us an option to just turn them off completely. It is more appropriate to have them in the login window if they’re going to be forced, as we’d have the time to look at them and read them, not be frantically closing the “garbage in the way” as we try and get situational awareness and control of a ship in hostile space.


Untick both marked options. One is agency and other one is daily login window.

OP os referring to the event splash screens that pop up in-game the first time you login during an event - it is separate from the Agency and pops up even if you have the Agency display suppressed. If you are logging in from a safe logoff in space, the force opening of this screen can cause issues for reading the overview or responding to immediate threats.


Besides the point that this is not the thing the OP is talking about, this option doesn’t work reliably anyway. I have the checkbox unticked on 2 characters: For 1 character this login rewards window doesn’t automatically show up in the character selection screen when it logs in after DT, the other character sees it every day after DT when it logs in.

I agree that they should move it to either the alerts that you can read when you want to or before you select a character. I log in space quite often and I don’t bother reading the message because it’s in the way of piloting my ship. Especially since you appear in local before you can even control your ship the last thing you need is a pop-up that blocks almost the whole screen slowing down the time to getting acclimated to your surroundings and controlling your ship.

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Not the daily login window… that occurs exactly when the other ones that I am referring to should appear. The ones I’m referring to are the ones once you’ve already logged in and selected a character. If you were in space, that is extra seconds you aren’t cloaked or otherwise acting on things to get safe.

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