"Small" QoL change that would make a LOT of players happier

I posted this in a general discussion forum, and got an email that I might want to post it here to make sure it got attention.

In case other people comment on it there.
But so you don’t have to go there if you don’t wanna:

So yeah. I’ve been playing since I dunno '06 or so?
I was away for a long time, but I’ve come back and ready to…

Point, I dunno if I’m misremembering things, or if it’s just wishful thinking. I thought it used to be the way I think it should be… but now it isn’t.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks you should be able to exit to the character select screen instead of logging all the way out. Not sure why this isn’t available like with every other MMO, but it can be a real pain switching toons…

As far as skill training, I’m almost certain it used to be a little easier. If I log onto one toon and another is training, I should be able to activate this toon’s training with a warning that it will suspend the other, and a suggestion to upgrade with another training queue. Instead I have to log all the way out of the game so that I can log into the other toon, pause their training, log all of the way out of the game so that I can switch back to the toon I want to train.

Someone suggeted to me that these issues were to “encourage” people to spend money on second accounts and extra training queues.

So what’s the what?

This has been asked and answered multiple times: The save of a few seconds is not worth the amount of dev-time it would take to make this work.

Basically, there are certain things the game-server assume don’t change during a session (it starts when you start the launcher). One of these is the character-ID.

As noted, we’ve asked for this a lot, and it’s apparently much more difficult than it appears to be and there are security issues involved as well with bypassing the launcher.


What about moving the name of the structures over so it doesn’t cover the structure life blocks.

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