What's YOUR favourite Agency event so far?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #1

Mine so far is the current one, Warzone Extraction, and here is why:

  • Warp-in rats instead of just ‘surprise’
  • Random number of rats
  • Random rat difficulty
  • Is that a logi rat?!?
  • Suspense because your encounters range from 4 frigates to a fleet of 3 battleships and several other ship sizes, and that logi rat! Two of them!

This event is overall a refreshing experience from the traditional L4 missions, specially seeing the rats just warp in as you approach a wreck. I think the mission and combat site rats could learn a thing or two with their spawns to make them at least more interesting in the visual department!

(Commander Spurty) #2

High Sec seems happy I guess :smiley:

(Arcanith Lionheart) #3

At least I am :rofl: I enjoy the simple casual life

Looking forward for when those Resource Wars show up to give a bit more spice, the later levels will surely be interesting with harder rats to fight, and hopefully they learned how to warp in rather than just showing up.

(Commander Spurty) #4

I was not being sarcastic - just looked at a bunch of whiney threads from people who don’t live in High Sec lol

(Arcanith Lionheart) #5

Never said you were being sarcastic :sweat_smile: I am fairly certain that Low and Null will get some love after the expansion, well, to be fair they are the first ones to get Moon Mining, High Sec has to wait for a later date to get that!

But I am certain more will come to those who don’t live there!

Tho let’s keep this “Agency favourite” thread on topic before it derails and whines arrive to this one :sweat_smile:

(Wylex Cross) #6

All of them.

(Rosov Aulmais) #7

The Shadow of the Serpent event, which is the first agency event ever. I think they piloted the agency event system as a “kill a rat to gain 10000 skill every day” event before but I don’t remember the exact time.

  1. You have a variety of sites and challenges, from mining to killing drifters.
  2. You always have a recurring challenge of doing one Serpentis Shipyard and Research Facility for points. And if you are tired of grinding you can just warp in at 100km and wait for other people to do the job.
  3. Ease to blitz the site. You just have to kill the middle group to unlock the Cache.
  4. There are ■■■■ challenges which you have no choices but to wait for them to expire, but there are 4 active challenges, and you got a new challenge immediately after completing a challenge. Look at the challenges at other events: completing a site in a Battlecruiser/Strategic Cruiser. It looks horrible and you have no other choices or means to get rid of it.

Edit: I don’t think there is a expire timer for challenges now.

(system) #8

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