20220401 - [COMPLETED] - Encounters page in the Agency not loading

Players may be experiencing an issue with the Encounters tab in the Agency not loading correctly. Players can still access the page by clicking on their current Cruiser Chaos challenge on the in-space info panel:


We are working on a resolution so this doesn’t reoccur in future events.

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That only works for the event. Everything else, i.e. Incursions, Pirate Strongholds, etc., does not work.


Well, this explains why a crybaby miner was whining that I “hacked” his Agency menu.


Yes, regretfully this will probably persist until Tuesday when our next deployment comes along.

Can you confirm our corps suspicion that somebody wanted to add an april fools joke to the agency and broke it? ^^

I think if you want to stay save during mining, make sure to pick a small system you can completely DScan for :diamonds: Bloodraider ships and :diamonds: Safety. ships :slight_smile:

Is there any way to find out if they are diamond rats in system until this is fixed?

Jump around and try to manually cover the whole system (Blah!). Or stick to systems under 14 AU (which is BS). Another option is the warp to 100km and make a save point right at the moment you hear the warp engines kick off (and you would first see ship icons pop up on screen). You can then warp to that point very quickly and war to the field if no enemies are there.

The event needs to end. Why should everyone be inconvenience for this? The event rewards are crap. The SKINS are crap. Nobody wants Red vs Blue skins. That’s why they are giving them away all the time. The people who are doing proving grounds would still be doing it with or without the event. That’s my main issue with this.


Thanks for the advice.
Will give it a shot and hope not to die. FOBs seem to follow me everywhere I go lol

So currently there is no point doing exploration sites in the hope of an Escalation, (although they still yield loot and chance of a commander rat) as the only way to access an escalation is via the Encounters page since it was removed from the Journal?

If you have bookmarks you can still access these pages.

How do you get just one tab “Encounters” of the Agency Tab to not work?
That’s some pure talent right there…
All the other tabs work just fine.
Except the one that tells you where the diamond rats are.

[quote][Ada Venture]

If you have bookmarks you can still access these pages. [/quote]

You don’t get the opportunity to make a bookmark (manually) until you fly to the location - which you can only do after being given the system in the currently broken Encounters tab. So no way to access escalation system info = no escalation

so next event confirmed for Tuesday?

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